Wednesday, 29 January 2014

PROJECT 365 {{WEEK 4}}

Project 365 - Instagram Style

22nd of January 2014 - Sleeping beauty

23rd of January 2014 - Some wrinkly bath toes

24th of January 2015 - This little lady had her Prep meet and greet

25th of January 2014 - A trip to Workshops Rail Museum

26th of January 2014 - Chilling with our friends for Australia Day

27th of January 2014 - sleeping off a big night

28th of January 2014 - Lexi's first day at school.


  1. Ahh gosh he makes me ovaries ache! Thanks haha. Loving the new blog look... so fresh! Did you make it yourself? x

    1. No! I found someone on etsy :D Wonder where I got that idea ;)