Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Elephant Mobile (10)

10. Handmake something beautiful to display

Once we (read: I) had decided on the theme for our new babies nursery, I knew I wanted to handmake stuff for in that room - and that I wanted to make a mobile.  Something sweet, simple, but beautiful.  Yellow, white and grey.  Elephants.  

Thanks to my old mate, Pinterest, I found a mobile that I wanted.  However, the $60-70 price tag that came with it, didn't bide well with me (and was an absolute NO from Tyron!)  Instead I made it for approximately $15 and only a tiny amount of loss of sanity.  Good price, I say!

Ready to create
After searching for the price of an elephant punchie on ebay, I realised making my own elephants was not going to be the way - $30 for a punchie!  

So I searched for some already cut and found someone who had them and enquired if she could custom do some to my colour scheme.  She was happy to, so I purched 120 punchies for something like $4.  Score.  I didn't even use them all - so will be (one day) using the leftovers for some artwork on his wall.  The ring was just a cross stick metal ring from Spotlight, for a couple of dollars.  Invisible thread was $2.  And I spent more on ribbon than anything else, but even that was less than $10.  

Elephant punchies, ribbons... it's all go!
I was determined I'd do this!!!

There was of course frustration... a tangled mess of elephants and invisible thread when I was putting it all together left me cursing, annoyed and seriously considering an etsy purchase of one premade and not-tangled.  I whinged to my poor friend, Bonnie, the entire time I was making it.  Not that she could do anything about it, but she just told me to get on with it :P  No mercy, there!  In the end, I spose I could say I did enjoy making it!!!  Eventually, like... when it was on the roof and dangling there all pretty.

That said, hindsight is a wonderful thing and honestly, I don't think I would do it the same way I did - not that I plan on ever doing it again haha.  I am notorious for making things more difficult for myself and this - was no exception.  That said - it's complete.  I finished it sitting on my lounge room floor, less than a month before he arrived, watching trashy tv whilst Ty was at poker.  Good times!

So far - it's held up well... I did wonder if the fan or wind would turn it in to a crazy tangled mess... I begged and pleaded in my head that it wouldn't, lol.  But so far, so good.  It's just out of the way of the fan that all it does is slightly flutter.  I have put just enough rows of elephants I think, that it's not too easy to get all tangled.  I have had only one minor detangling issue, where I swore at it for 10 minutes after quite a lot of wind from a storm sent it into a jumbled mess.  I got it detangled though, and you'd never know.  It did more damage to the outdoor gazebo ;)

I think the best part of it all, was that people didn't look at it and think it looked silly.  Ty even told me he liked it and that was something as he rarely just out and says things like that.  I call that a win!  Now, to never ever move, as god knows how I would transport it!!!!

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