Wednesday, 22 January 2014

86. Donating

86. Donate/give away 101 items (101/101) + more!

Prior to Christmas I went on a bit of a rampage through our wardrobes.  I hoard clothes.  Out of laziness more than anything, but as I get bigger or lose weight I tend to look at my wardrobe and think "I'll fit that again".  Fact is, I've not really gotten a lot bigger or smaller... My weight shifts around a 5kg area and doesn't do much more (yeah yeah, I could try).  So it was time to turf the excess.  And yes, I still need to get rid of more.

Ty, the kids and I filled up bags and boxes... over 100 items of close, 50 soft toys, a few bags of old toys the kids no longer play with.  We filled the back of the car right up full, and headed to the salvos bins in town and loaded them up.

I don't have pics (dunno why I didn't take one!) but it was nice to see it all go, and to people who can use it.  The kids were a bit unsure at first (had no idea what we were doing - garbage bags to them make them think we are throwing their things in the rubbish!) but once they understood they were happy to give their toys to children who needed them.

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