Friday, 28 February 2014

Zavian - 28 February

28 February - Best buddies

You and your sister are best friends. You love each other endlessly and you have struggled with her absence now that she has started school. In the afternoons you do everything you can to make sure she isn't out of your sight - today you snuggled up under a doona on the couch and watched movies.

Thursday, 27 February 2014

Zavian - 27 February

Zavian - First day of daycare

You started your first day at your new daycare today - AND LOVED IT! You didn't want to come home, you had such a wonderful time. You bought me home a lovely painting and a page with some photos telling me about your first day. It was lovely to pick you up and find you so happy. You were applying your own suncream - something you asked them 5 times over the day to do! Can't say you aren't sunsafe!

Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Zavian - 26 February

26 February - Family fun

We had a lovely visit with your Great Aunty and Uncle (that you call Oma and Grandad). We took Aunty Tammy and Tiana over and you two little cheeky monkeys had fun mucking around with Grandad on the back of the chair! I think the big kid in Uncle George enjoyed it, too! 

Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Zavian - 25 February

25 February - Birthday Buddies!

Tonight we had dinner and cake with Nana Marie, Poppy Ken and Grandma Helen. Here you are with Grandma Helen, you were both born on 23rd of February - 80 years apart! You love visiting Grandma Helen and today was extra special because you go to share cake!

Monday, 24 February 2014

Zavian - 24 February

24 February - Turbo Head!

After such a busy weekend it has been a home day. We've spent the day playing with some of your new toys. You decided your little Turbo car needed to drive on your head so he could make you super-fast as well!

Sunday, 23 February 2014

Zavian - 23 February


23 February - 3 Today!

HAPPY 3RD BIRTHDAY handsome boy!
Today you are 3! We went to Movieworld and you spent the day on rides and meeting cool characters. You had a "Batman Day", wearing your shirt and new sunnies and Joycee bought you a Batman hat. When we were there you got a sticker that said "Birthday Star" on it and you got lots of special attention from the characters because it was your special day. 
I can't believe you are 3 already! You are growing up to be a cheeky, intelligent and energetic lil guy!

Saturday, 22 February 2014

Zavian - 22 February

22 February - A Super Hero Party for a Super (Spider) Boy!

We had your birthday party today! Your cake was a wonderful Super Hero cake featuring Superman, Batman, Ironman and Spiderman. You have all of those costumes so we figured you could choose which - you chose to wear Spiderman. Mandy came along and painted your face so you didn't have to wear the mask that you disliked so much! You had such a great time, so many wonderful friends and family made it out to the park to celebrate with you. You had a cute little photo booth, lots of yummy food and a great playground to enjoy. You were SO spoiled by everyone. It was a great day and a fabulous way to celebrate!

Friday, 21 February 2014

Zavian - 21 February

21 February - such a doting big brother

You are such a wonderful big brother, you really dote on your baby brother. You love to help me with Memphis by getting him wipes and nappies and even trying to change his bottom for me! You climb up on the change table when he's on it so you can talk to him and make him smile. Sometimes you want to hold him so you can give him big squishy cuddles. I bet you grow up to be such buddies <3

Thursday, 20 February 2014

Zavian - 20 February

20 February - Comfort zone

You were so grumpy today that you cried every time I pulled the camera out to take your photo so I decided not to bother until you went to sleep  I snuck in there and you were wrapped around your teddy bear, hugging him tight. He is you best bud, your comforter, your favourite toy. Aunty Laura bought him for you as a baby shower gift and of all of your (seemingly) millions of toys HE is the one you love the most. Pretty good pick. He's starting to show the signs of a well-loved bear, last month he lost an eye! Poor one-eyed Teddy!

Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Zavian - 19 February

19 February - Star in the making

In this picture are 2 of your greatest loves. Your footy, and your gumboots. You would happily have both in your possession at all times... if I let you. Yes, Mummy is a party pooper! We some time kicking around the footy this afternoon. You have quite a good kick on you! Lexi started Auskick and you are broken hearted that you can't go with her. Your time will come, and I think we have got a little footy star on our hands. Considering the fact you were born with Erbs Palsy, you can't imagine the relief we all feel when it comes to this.

Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Zavian - 18 February

18 February - Spiderboy

You have a Super Hero birthday coming up and after asking you what costume you wanted, you decided on Spiderman. Today we went and picked your costume out, it looks so cool!!! You make a pretty spunky Spiderboy! You thought you might go and put it on and test it out! Have to make sure it is good to go for your party!!

Monday, 17 February 2014

Zavian - 17 February

17 February - Go The Bombers!!

What could be better than loving a sport with your Daddy? Much to his delight you have taken on his love of the Bombers and tonight he took you to see them play against the Gold Coast Suns. Where you unfortunately lost. However that is ok! You had such a great time, you loved dressing up in your Bombers shirt and watching the game. Afterwards you went on the field and kicked around the new footy that Daddy bought you and met (and had a picture with Brent Stanton. You came home and were so excited to tell me about it and show me your new footy... which you then took to bed with you!!

Sunday, 16 February 2014

Zavian - 16 February

16 February - favourite book

You have a favourite book. It has been your favourite book since you were a baby.
Where's Spot?
You know this book inside out, you read it every single day. Once upon a time I would cuddle up with you and read the book to you. These days though, you will bring it out and read me the story. You know every animal that is hiding under the flaps in the book. My favourite is when you say "hippopotamus!" So so cute. I love that you love books, and that your favourite is a classic favourite like Spot, a book that I loved when I was little!

Saturday, 15 February 2014

Zavian - 15 February

15 February - Craft time

Today we pulled out your Spiderman art box and drew some pictures. You had your 3 year old health check and you are developing and growing well. You are intelligent and well spoken, you are meeting all of your milestones. The only thing we really have to work on is your pencil grip. This is hard though, as you really aren't that interested in drawing! You were easily side tracked by the stamp kit you discovered in the box, instead! You'll get there in your own time <3

Friday, 14 February 2014

Zavian - 14 February

14 February - My Sweet Valentine

So, I wonder how many people had a Valentine as cute as you? I bet not many. We pulled down the chalk board and I told you we were going to make a sign for someone we love. I asked who you wanted to write that you loved, and you said Mummy! Melt my heart kiddo, you are such a little Mama's boy!

Thursday, 13 February 2014

Zavian - 13 February

13 February - Puppy love

As you grow older, never forget to love and respect animals, to care for them and to be their voice. One of the most rewarding things of being involved in rescue is that it is teaching you kids to help animals in need. Today I took you with me to collect a puppy for Working Breed Rehab and you came in and told the lady you were going to take the puppy and give her cuddles and that you loved her. When we got her home she was flea ridden and miserable and whilst I got towels and combs and water ready you sat with her and patted her face and told her over and over "It's ok. You'll be ok. I'm here." You were calming, you were sweet, you were what she needed. You helped me to bath her, you passed me flea wash, you wiped her face, you helped me with the water, you talked to her when she cried. You've told her many times today, including in this picture... "It's ok, I've got you."
You melt my heart kid.

Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Zavian - 12 February

12 February - story time, Zavian style

You love books. You enjoy "reading" (making up the story) and your favourite type of books are interactive ones, particularly lift the flap. This book as the added bonus of making fire engine noises. 
Naturally, the best place to read a book of an evening is up on the top of the couch...

Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Zavian - 11 February

11 February - piggy back rides

You've been a cheeky little monkey today, running around and playing with your toys. You dragged your doona out and the small army of soft-friends you keep on your bed. You thought your doll needed to have a piggy back ride and galloped around the house giggling and yelling out "look at us!" You came running in to the room and asked me "Mummy take our photo!"... but you were too late, I already had ;)

The one you wanted <3
This is the photo that didn't make the cut (I dunno, I just preferred the in-the-moment feel of the other) for your photo-a-day album.  The pic you asked for.

You sat against the wall and had a giggle and you tried so hard to stay still, though it was quite hard as you were bouncing out of your skin.  You love your doll.  He turns up all over the house.  He was lovingly made for you by your Aunty Bonnie from Swadling's Sweet Things - he is your "mini-me", with messy blond hair and a sweet smile <3

Monday, 10 February 2014

Zavian - 10 February

10 February - Bushwalking with friends

L-R: Izaac, Zavian, Rhiannon, Madison, Asaiah, Kayla, Simeon, Piper (in pram at back), Tiana, Maia (back) and Memphis (in lge pram).
Today we visited Daisy Hill Koala Park with our friends. We did a short bush walk - that took at least 1/4 of the time it did one year ago when you were all just gone 2 years old. You were so grumpy and emotional! Everything got tears and grumbles and when you weren't doing that you were running around like a crazy person! Mr Energetic, you woke up too early to cope with your excessive energy! You did have fun having a picnic and sharing your food and taking other peoples food. The most excitement came from seeing 3 koalas in the visitors centre... Maybe next year you will be tall enough to see over the barrier!

*Of course, you are grumpy and totally ruining this photo, you little monkey :P

Sunday, 9 February 2014

PROJECT 365 {{WEEK 5}}

29th February 2014 - Cute lil baby bum on some fresh ink

30th February 2014 - Shopping with my boys

31st January 2014 - Lexi's first day of ballet

1st February 2014 - The kids met Wonderwoman and were photobombed
by Daffy at Movieworld!  She gave them an ice cream <3

2nd February 2014 - lathering myself in this after getting badly burned!

3rd February 2014 - Playmat time is exhausting!

4th February 2014 - One week in and she's loving school!

Zavian - 09 February

09 February - Chef in the making

This morning you watched me make vegemite scrolls and asked me if you could help me. You wanted to roll out the dough and you suddenly looked so grown up helping me out in the kitchen with the rolling pin that (what felt like) not long ago you could hardly pick up. Once I had spread the vegemite, you sprinkled the cheese and helped to roll the scrolls up. You couldn't wait to eat them... I've had to move them where you can't get them or poor Lexi won't have any for school!

Saturday, 8 February 2014

Zavian - 08 February

08 February - you've got the moves

Today we celebrated Waitangi Day with our Mums Group friends. You spent the afternoon running around, playing on the swings and fort, eating, laughing, and showing off your cool trampoline moves to all the girls ;)

And I can't help but share a couple of extra pics from the evening!

Friday, 7 February 2014

Zavian - 07 February

07 February - Big brother, big helper

When you're older, I can't wait to tell you how helpful and loving you were towards your baby brother.  You love to help mummy with anything you can for Memphis - you will run to get nappies and wipes, you even like to help change his nappy.  You like to cover him up with a blankey, you play with him with his toys and you like helping to bath him.  Tonight was his first night in the big bath and whilst Lexi held on to him you washed his hair and his body and made him smiles by pulling faces at him.  You are such a wonderful big brother <3

Thursday, 6 February 2014

Zavian - 06 February

06 February - A moment with a superhero

We spent the morning at Movieworld with Aunty Tammy and cuzzie Tiana. The two of you had so much fun running around, riding the taxi cars and the merry-go-round. You ran through the water fountains and met Wonderwoman, Scooby Doo & Shaggy, Catwoman and Batman! I think Batman liked your shirt ;)

Memphis - 12 weeks old

12 weeks old <3

Wednesday 5th February 2014 - Memphis is 12 weeks old now.  His corrected age is 8 weeks old.
He is 4kg (8.8lbs) and 52cm (20.4 inches) long and finally wearing size 0000 (newborn) clothing.  His eyes are still blue and his hair a light browny colour.

My sweet little guy is becoming more alert and aware of his environment.  He's lifting his head up to look around when on our chests, however is not overly interested in tummy time on his play mat - something we need to work on.

The smiles are here in full force, teamed with coo's and the newly discovered laugh.  He thinks Daddy running a  (clean) nappy over his face and making silly noises.  Seeing himself in videos, and blank walls are apparently pretty funny, too.

Playmat time has become interesting, he smiles at and 'talks' to his toys.  He bats and kicks at the hanging toys and tries to grab at toys however isn't too good at that.

Memphis is starting to explore with his mouth - he pulls blankies, his fists, my clothes, his lovey to his mouth.  He is following people with his eyes, and gazes happily at us.

At 12 weeks he is still such a sleepy baby.  He can self settle most of the time, very rarely cries, smiles often.  He will sleep anywhere, any time.  He feeds approximately every 4 hours at the moment.  I am hoping to start stretching him out more overnight, however he's still a bit snuffly and so wakes himself up when his nose gets blocked.  Feeding him back to sleep is the easiest way for me to get sleep.  As it stands he only does that once, sometimes twice, a night anyway.  So I'm not complaining!

12 weeks in I am still feeling good.  I have my moments, usually tiredness being a factor.  I am enjoying Memphis, in a way I didn't enjoy the other two kids.  I do feel guilty about that, however I know that I can't do anything about the way PND controlled my emotions then.  The health nurse made me do the score thingee for depression (yes I'm aware it has a more technical name) and my score has dropped significantly since I was pregnant.  It's still a number I need to get lower, but it's almost halved (it was pretty bad during pregnancy) and I am happy with that progression, considering I've opted against medication and haven't managed to see the psychologist since before having Memphis (yes, need to get on to that).

12 weeks has passed too quickly, though.  I wish time would slow down.

Who else would you wanna hang out with at 11 weeks old?

Flash and Supergirl will do, too!

12 weeks old

Comparison pic!

Memphis and his elephant lovey (find one at: Swadling's Sweet Things... amber bracelet from: Dragonflies Hollow)

Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Zavian - 05 February

05 February 2014 - Play time

You love having pets and the boys are your pals. You love feeding them, sneaking them inside and most of all you love to play ball with them. Every day you go out and play with them, throwing and kicking the ball and playing fetch. You have lost every single one of your footies to Floyd, but that doesn't bother you as he does (occasionally) share them!

Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Zavian - 04 February

04 February 2014 - Friendship <3

Friends make the world go round and you adore your little friends. You are so lucky to have formed friendships with lots of wonderful kids and you love hanging out with them every week. Little Miss Piper here is one of your favourite people (even if you do have a crush on her big sister hehe).

08. Making clothing

Matching Christmas outfits!!!

So the aim this year was to have matching outfits for the kids for Christmas.  Ty hated it, naturally.  So of course I was more determined to ensure they matched and that they were BRIGHT BRIGHT BRIGHT!

The skirt - I've made her three now, I love them and she loves the spinny skirt.  The shorts (that Belinda advised me how to make)... well he has one pair and I do have the best of intentions to make more but I'm not really seeing that come to fruition.  Yeah I'm lazy!  There is a teeny pair of shorts too, for Memphis, however I am not including them in this goal yet because Belinda actually ended up making the majority of them hahah.  Fiddly little buggers.  I will make him some more though - maybe even pj pants - as it's so hard to find pants in his size!

Family... I has it.

Some things require their own special blog post.  The first non-blurry, non-phone pic has been taken of our little family of 5.  Not bad considering Memphis is 10 weeks old in the photo!  We are so slack.  Here we are though, enjoying 'A Day Out with Thomas' at The Workshops Rail Museum in Ispwich. 
We visited the week before school went back with our fabulous adopted family.  The kids LOVED it.  What an awesome place to take them!  I had always been apprehensive as it's quite pricey and I'm all for things that are either free, or near enough to free!  I honestly was not expecting a lot, but was so pleasantly surprised.  The entire place was so interactive and perfect for kids Lexi and Zavian's age.  Chuck in the extra school holiday fun (a Thomas the Tank Engine exhibit, including The Fat Controller) and you have some pretty excited children.  Zavian in particular lapped up the entire day and had so much fun.  Every little thing was fun, interesting and the place in general was so interactive considering it's a museum.  It's definitely a place we will visit again.

The kids and Thomas!

Zavian LOVED the hands on experience

Sweet dreams were had by Memphis

Lexi enjoyed meeting The Fat Controller

A little story: I really wanted a photo of Lexi with The Fat Controller.  When she was around 2, maybe even 3, she started saying "Fucken tol' ya!"  And I would tell her off, you can't say that!  Stop swearing Lexi.  Please don't say that word.  Time out!  And she still said it, and she was getting so frustrated (joys of a child with speech delays!)  I had no idea what she was trying to tell me!  Then one day, Thomas came on (we don't watch it much) and she got so excited pointing to The Fat Controller yelling out "Fucken told ya!"  Oh the poor kid... she'd been getting time out for me not understanding what she was saying at all!!!!


Monday, 3 February 2014

Zavian - 03 February

03 February 2014 - Bothersome big brother!

You should come with a sign at the moment. "Hi, my name's Zavian and I'm so bored without my big sister going to school now that I like to annoy everyone. Especially my little brother!" Lucky you are so cute. I love that you want to entertain Memphis, and you do try hard... you've just got to learn when enough is enough haha!

Sunday, 2 February 2014

Zavian - 02 February

02 February 2014 - Ice cream makes an excellent afternoon snack!

Today was a lazy day. You spent the morning outside playing, before coming if for lunch and a big afternoon nap. The first words out of your mouth upon waking? I want ice cream! Perfect weather for it, so you were booted outside and sat on the front step with your sister and our little next door neighbour where you proceeded to half drip, half eat a homemade berry frozen yoghurt. I wonder how long before you realise that the frozen yoghurt you've been getting isn't actually yoghurt!

Saturday, 1 February 2014

Zavian - 01 February

01 February 2014 - Movieworld
Today we went to one of your favourite places, Movieworld. We got to hang out with Batman, The Green Lantern, Wonderwoman, Tweety, Bugs, Marvin and lots of other awesome people. You had a great day as you've finally reached a height where you can go on rides! You went on The Wild West ride with Daddy and you finally got to go on the Justice League ride. You were such a brave boy! Another highlight of your day was being picked from the crowd with Lexi by Wonderwoman who then gave you both a magnum ice cream. You were so pleased with yourself!

Every year on the month of their birthday, I take a photo-a-day to document the kids month.  Every day is taken in black and white, and the photo taken on their actual birthday is colour.

Today's photo was taken at Movieworld, in front of the Superman roller coaster.  I am not quite sure what he is cracking up laughing at (probably himself) but he was having a great time.