Saturday, 29 March 2014

From back to tummy

29th March at 19 weeks old Memphis started to roll from back to tummy!

At first, he was pleased.  
No longer - he can't get back.  This bugs him hehe.

Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Project Memphis - Birth to 16 weeks

Memphis was born prematurely on November 13, 2013.  I was induced at 36 weeks due to IUGR and he was born weighing 1994g (4lb 6oz).  15 days in hospital and an additional week follow up on an early discharge program.  It's certainly been a very different beginning to our beautiful boys life.

I started a project, when he was first home.  I wish I could have started it when he was brand new, but I couldn't... Oh well!  Here are the first 4 photos in his project.  I'll continue to take photos ever 4 weeks until his 1st birthday - I have already bought the terry towel suits up to size 0, and will go and get size 1 and 2.  If he's anything like his older siblings I could keep doing it a lot longer than until his 1st birthday.  We will see how we go!

19 Days old
At 19 days old:
- 2.1kg
- 46cm
- Home from hospital & on early discharge program
- jaundice
- 3 hourly breastfeeds
- Size: 00000 / Tiny Prem (baggy)

8 weeks old
At 8 weeks old:
- 3.6kg
- 52cm
- Size: 00000 / Prem
- 3-4 hourly breastfeeds
- smiles
- coos
- sleeps sleeps sleeps

12 weeks old
At 12 weeks old 
- 4kg
- 54cm long
- Size: 0000
- smiles
- giggles
- follows people with his eyes
- reaching/batting at toys
- exploring with his mouth (toys, blankies)
- lifting his head
- 3-4 hourly day feeds / one feed during nigh

16 weeks old
At 16 weeks old:
- 4.5kg
- 56cm
- Size: 0000
- giggles
- smiles
- coos
- "chats"
- chewing hands/fingers
- pulls toys to mouth
- enjoys play mat time
- pushes himself up during tummy time
- loves nappy being off
- has rolled tummy to back 3 times
- 3-4 hourly day feeds / sleeps 8pm - 4/5am

Tuesday, 25 March 2014

PROJECT 365 {{WEEK 12}}

19th March - I got my bake on - yummy!
20th March - Baby bro and Sissy <3
21st March - Ready for Chase and Emma's wedding
22nd March - Time for Kiri's 21st!
23rd March - A day at Dreamworld
24th March - It's Daddy's birthday!
25th March - delicious mail!

Thursday, 20 March 2014

PROJECT 365 {{WEEK 11}}

12th March - A hospital visit for my wee guy :(
13th March - 4 months old today
14th March - It's cookie time!
15th March - Mama and bubba <3
16th March - My beautiful beautiful girl!  Love her so much!
17th March - Byron The Smiley
18th March - Oh dear - we have a thumb sucker!

Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Pear Pineapple & Raspberry Loaf

After making brownies, I still had half a bag of raspberries left that had partially thawed whilst I baked and skyped with Hannah, so I flicked to another recipe I had found on the Cooking For Busy Mums blog.  I did decide to change this one up a little, as I didn't have any olive oil, so after consulting with Jackie at Hippie Mumma I decided to finally crack open my jar of coconut oil that I'd bought with the best intentions to use right away... coz that happened... not.

Here's the things about fruity breads/loaves/slices.  I suck at them.  I love them, but I really suck at making them.  And I try these random recipes from time to time only to be disappointed when I cut in to what somewhat resembles (and probably also tastes like) a rock.  Like the Date Loaf I once made.  Oh to perfect a Date Loaf... not gonna happen, I don't think.  Anyway.  This one worked.... it actually worked, and is edible and I WILL make it again because well... it isn't going to last long. Not bad considering I don't really like raspberries or pears on their own (you will never see me pick up a pear and just... eat it...). Now to watch out for frozen berries on special at the supermarket!


This recipe is dairy free, and probably wouldn't be difficult to make gluten free.  

2 1/2 Cups Self Raising Flour (could easily substitute with GF Flour, or even wholemeal... I didn't have enough wholemeal to try it this time, but I will).
1 Tsp Bicarbonate Soda
1/2 Cup Caster Sugar (next time I'm going to substitute with 1/8 cup of honey - I'll add a table below)
1 Tsp Vanilla Essence
1/2 Cup coconut oil (light olive oil is fine)
2 Eggs
2 Pears, peeled and seeded
1 Cup Frozen Raspberries
1/2 Cup Pineapple Chunks and juice 
(NB: Alternatively use canned pears and 1/2 the cup of juice to replace the pineapple)


1. Purée the pears and pineapple (and juice) (I used a stick blender because it was easier than making a mess of the bellini for such a small amount)
2. In a large bowl place the flour, bicarb and sugar - mix well.
3. Form a well in the dry ingredients and add the oil, eggs, puree and vanilla essence.  Mix until just combined.
4. Fold through the raspberries.
5. Place in a greased and lined loaf tin and bake in a 180 degree Celcius oven for approx 45 minutes or until golden brown and bounces back when touched.  

Serve with a dusting of icing sugar.
Store in a cool place, or fridge.

(I'm terrible... I always forget to time these things... I think mine only took about 30 mins but to be honest, my oven is a bit shit... the temp fluctuates and so my cooking times are a bit out... but that's what the blog recipe recommended).

I found this interesting when Hippie Mumma posted it recently

Chocolate & Raspberry Brownies

I got my bake on today, and aren't I glad I did.  Ingredient of the day?  Raspberries!  I've had a bag of them in my freezer since January.  It was time.

Yeah... I'm no food photographer, and intagram didn't help haha
Recipe is from: Cooking for Busy Mums
I think what I loved about this was there was stuff-all dishes - it was all done in the one saucepan.


125g butter, chopped
2 Cups Chocolate (dark is good... I used dark milk choc-chips)
1/2 Cup Brown Sugar

2 Eggs
2 Tsp Vanilla Essence
1 Cup Plain Flour
1 Cup Frozen Raspberries
Icing sugar, to serve


1. Melt butter and chocolate over a low heat it a saucepan.  Remove the saucepan from the heat and allow to cool slightly.
2. Add the brown sugar and vanilla essence to the chocolate mix and stir through. Add the eggs and stir until combined.
3. Sift and stir through the flour.  Once combined, fold in the raspberry.
4. Pour into a greased/lined tray
5. Bake in a 180 degree Celsius oven for 30 minutes or until set.
6. Allow to cool slightly in the tray before cutting and serving.

Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Movieworld (48)

Family time at Movieworld <3

Lets cross another theme park off of the list -that we have taken all 3 children to.  We will have to re-do Seaworld, as we haven't taken the baby there yet!  I didn't think about how some of these goals could/would change with the arrival of our little guy!

We actually quite love Movieworld, the kids get a lot out of it, and it's not too far away.  There's plenty of rides that they can go on to keep them happy, and they enjoy the characters.  Lexi adores Tweety and Marilyn Monroe.  Zavian loves Batman, Scooby and Wonder Woman.

I really wanted to have a photo of the kids under the Movieworld sign... alas, they were mobbed by Asian tourists and instead of a photo I got 2 crying kids and Ty trying to stop a woman from taking the baby from his arms.  Not fun.  I say this as a parent - Asian tourists over here are bloody awful some times.  Some are beautiful and respectful, they ask to take photos.  Others are sneaky, pushy and rude.  This particular trip was hard - it was Chinese New Year and there were many tourists there to celebrate (they had a special parade).  We always attract a lot of attention - our children are pale, blonde, petite and charismatic.  They're cute.  Asians have always loved taking their photos and we've had it happening since Alexis was a baby (Ty's mum handed her over to a beautiful Japanese woman for a cuddle and photo in front of the War Memorial in Melbourne when she was 9 months old!)  I am usually pretty good about it, if people ask I generally say yes IF the kids are ok with it.  Some are so sly though... one man was leaning his camera over the top of the kids not realising Ty was standing right beside him... he pushed the mans camera aside and told him NO and put his hand up to indicate stop.  So the man laughed at him.  I know there is a language barrier but I'm pretty sure NO can be interpreted in any language.  I am the only one allowed to take sneaky pics of my children!

A good day starts with Batman
One of those photos you just have to get!
Zavian's first time on a ride that actually leaves the ground!
Lexi and I at the front of the roller coaster... she commended my bravery as we got off, making me look like a total sook!
Marvin the Martian tried to steal Memphis :P
Pretty lil lady!
Zavian is in that boat!!!!
Wild Wild West
Ty's fave - The Joker!
All together now!
Super Spud!
Another attempt at baby theft!
Missy and Marilyn!
Loving Sylvesters car!
Wonder Woman catches a glimpse of Lexi... they bonded over a bandaid earlier in the day!
Highlight of the day!
I really really really must note!  After a day of being bothered (I'm talking all day) by tourists, Lexi and Zavian were personally approached by Wonder Woman during the parade, given an ice cream each, and came out for a photo with her.  She was SO lovely to them!!!  It really was the highlight of their day and they still talk about how she gave them an ice cream!  Zavian is, in fact, madly in love with her for it hahaha!

Monday, 17 March 2014

Dreamworld (48)

3 cheeky monkeys visiting Dreamworld
One of my 101 goals is to take the kids to all 3 theme parks.  We've been to others, but I've been slack and not documented very well hahah.  However here is our first family visit to Dreamworld.  We bought 30 Day for $30 passes for the month of March, and that allows us access to Dreamworld and White Waterworld.  We have annual 3-park passes that give us unlimited access to Movieworld, Seaworld and Wet n Wild, and were wondering about perhaps getting Dreamworld ones instead when renewal came up.  Having spent a day here with all three, and a day with just the boys, I can say that whilst we will get our $30 worth - well and truly - I can't see it being suitable for use to purchase an annual pass until the kids are older (or at the very least, taller... the poor lil shorties just aren't big enough for anything age appropriate for them).  

I will also say - Dreamworld gets the award for the WORST ride I've gone on at any theme park.  Their Wiggles Big Red Car ride is just... well it should just be closed down.  It's the most ridiculously poorly timed, slow, boring ride.  Ever.  It completely brings down a) The Wiggles and b) Dreamworld.  I can't believe it's even a ride.  Even Zavian, who is generally entertained by a spot on a wall, found it boring.  We were bumped to the front of the line due to other people having large groups, and let me tell you - if I'd actually have waited more than the 10 minutes I did for that ride, I'd have been really pissed off.  It needs a total overhaul.

Daddy and Zavian on the flying Donkeys.  Under 4 require an adult, so in they squished!
Lots of cool characters to pose with around the park.
Lexi and Memphis stop for a rest
The kids really enjoyed Tiger Island.  Me, not so much.  After attending places like Australia Zoo and Seaworld - where their areas are large and the animals well stimulated, seeing these tigers... they made me sad.  They seemed sad.  The tiger in these pics spent the whole time pacing this tiny enclosure.  In fact all the animals we saw seemed sad.  One of the llamas they had was slightly neurotic and skittish and only one kangaroo was out whilst the others all huddled together in their time out zone.

Lexi poses not realising that the Tiger has wandered up behind her
Minor freak out moment when she catches a glimpse, never seen her move so fast.
This moment was unexpected,  I think they both panicked for a second there!
We weren't sure these guys were even there anymore, but the boys met them on the way out
Highlight of Zavian's whole day - these guys sporadically spurt water from each of them
Sometimes I feel like I live in a zoo....
That moment when King Julian tries to steal your baby
So much love for these guys!
We're never going to get a happy smiley family photo are we?!
Being a Koala (painted by an Aboriginal woman in the Dreamworld Corroborree area...)
Ride time!  Mummy doesn't do spinning things... they enjoyed this ride, one of few they were able to go on.

Will we return to Dreamworld?  Look, I dunno... for the duration of these passes, sure.  We will also go to White Water World.  However I am not really jumping up and down desperate to purchase annual passes for our family.  It's run down and tired... I could see it getting old pretty quickly.