Wednesday, 29 January 2014

PROJECT 365 {{WEEK 4}}

Project 365 - Instagram Style

22nd of January 2014 - Sleeping beauty

23rd of January 2014 - Some wrinkly bath toes

24th of January 2015 - This little lady had her Prep meet and greet

25th of January 2014 - A trip to Workshops Rail Museum

26th of January 2014 - Chilling with our friends for Australia Day

27th of January 2014 - sleeping off a big night

28th of January 2014 - Lexi's first day at school.

Tuesday, 28 January 2014

The beginning of school

First Day of Prep <3

Today was a big day, probably one of my biggest as a parent.  My big girl, my first born, started school.  And all I could think, all day long, was how did this day come so soon?  Where have the last 4.5 years gone?  How is it possible that the tiny baby I gave birth to not too long ago, is venturing through the school gates with a back pack on her back?

It seems so wrong that a child wearing size 2 clothing is already starting school!  Sure, she's tiny... but there's that part of me that wants to keep her little forever.

All of a sudden, my baby seems grown up!

Routine has been lacking since the birth of Memphis, and I really didn't do a very good job the last two weeks of getting her in to one.  I stressed that the morning would be chaos but it went a lot more smoothly than anticipated.  I can do this!  I can juggle 3 kids and a school run (hahah... I hope!)  Today I consider success - all children AND myself ate.  We were dressed and ready to go on time.  Heck, even Zavian managed to get his face washed.  Though he did save time by attempting to feed half his breakfast (toast) to the cat.  The hardest part of the morning was explaining to Zavian that no, he was not going with Lexi!

Poor boy wanted to go with his sissy... sorry mate, next year you can go to C&K!

She was SO happy to go to school.  She oozed with confidence and enthusiasm, happy to be taking that step in to the classroom - once we got there, that was.  Of course, the first morning of her school life and the car battery is dead flat.  Naturally!  Ty had thankfully stayed home for the special occasion and as such we were able to switch carseats around, jump in the other car and make it right on time.  And by right on time I mean, walking through the gates as the bell sounded.  All good though, as we weren't the last in!


I am so grateful for the experience of pre-prep last year.  Because of the 1 day a week she attended there, Alexis understands what is expected of her at school.  She understands the routines and expectations, and has learnt some basics before Prep even started.  I may have been that proud beaming mummy watching on as she found her name on the wall, and then went inside and got her name tag.  She sat down and engaged with other children and got in to some drawing.  And we just stood there... waiting for her to say bye.  We weren't even rating on her radar, though - there was way more interesting things to be doing!  She reluctantly dawdled on over when I asked her if she could please come and say bye!

Picking her up this afternoon she was still ecstatic about her biggest milestone to date.  Miss Lexi LOVED her first day at school, is already fond of her teacher and teacher aids, and in general was still buzzing!  She was so excited to come out and tell us about school, and she was chuffed to see Zavian - the two of them are inseparable so it was a long day for both of them to be apart.

The day is over, the hardest part done.  She's home, she's happy, she's excited to go tomorrow.  It gets easier with each child, right?!

Interview with a Preppie!

What is your name? Alexis Halley Jean Ware
How old are you? I'm 4!

What happened today? I went to school.
What school do you go to? Waterfords!
What class are you in? Prep W!

Who is your teacher?  Mrs Wilson.  I have 3, what are their names again? I saw them today.
What did you do at school?  Drawings.  And puzzles...... ummmm.... and more puzzles.
Who did you play with? Roses and Zali
Do you want to go back? Yeah!  Tomorrow please.
What did you have for lunch? Cupcake.  Crackers and cheese.  Bread.
What was your favourite part of the day? Playing.  And going to the toilet.
Who did you miss most today? Spuddy.  Did Leo miss me?

So there you have it.  That first day over, interview indicates that Mummy packs a crappy lunch and that she hasn't missed her loving parents!  Her concern was more that the cat may have missed her too much, and her greatest joy was that she got to use BIG toilets at school.  It's the small (or big?) things ;)

Monday, 27 January 2014

The Night Before School

Lexi: "Mummy... are you going to cry when I go to school?"
Me: "Yes..."
Lexi: "Could you do it at home?"

This child will break my heart!

Tomorrow is a new chapter.

My "baby" starts school.  Big school.  5 days a week, someone else will be responsible for her.   Someone else will be teaching her and guiding her... and putting up with her.

I'm sad, but I'm happy.

Sad because she is growing up right before my yes, so so fast.  Sad because as a mother it is hard to 'hand her over' to the care of someone else 5 days a week.  Sad because school will bring about change, and even more independence.

Happy though, because 12 months ago I wasn't sure if she'd be ready and she's grown and developed so much in that time.  I am so proud of my little girl.  She is funny, happy, confident, independent.  She is so sure of herself.

We had a meet and greet at her school on Friday afternoon - to meet her teacher (and teacher aid), see her classroom and meet some children in her class.  She walked in, introduced herself and informed her teacher where Memphis came from (thanks for that Lexi).  She sat on the mat happily and quietly, listened for her name and raised her hand when it was (finally) called (last one on the roll - good luck with that, Little Miss Impatient!)  The teachers were talking to the parents, mostly, as they told us what to expect, what to bring, where to find things.  Lexi raised her hand after hearing where the bags go (I will never, ever, get used to calling bag racks "Port Racks", bloody Queenslanders) and declared that her mummy and daddy had not bought her bag with her.  We didn't need to, but she didn't really understand that it wasn't actually a school day.  At least I know she was listening!!

A big day tomorrow for a big girl.
I hope she's ok.  I do know she will be.  But I'll always worry, and always hope.

The night before her first day of school

Sunday, 26 January 2014

Just Another Aussie Day

My Littlest Aussie - and the first temporary tattoo of what I imagine will be many!!

Having been in Australia 15 years, I consider myself an Aussie.  I hold citizenship here, have been back to NZ only once (last year) and have lived here 3 years longer than I lived in NZ.  I like it here.  I think I'll stay.  I'm raising gorgeous lil Aussie babies too, which helps ;)

We had a quiet morning, a nice sleep in after a late night with visitors.  I didn't hold a lot of hope for the weather holding out, but it came right and the afternoon was spent BBQing, listening to Triple J's Hottest 100 and enjoying the company of good friends - ours and the children's.  It was really nice!  I've stuffed myself stupid on food though, as always, and am now feeling very couch-potatoey and blah!  We've eaten vegemite sangas, I made cobb loaf, kangaroo steaks hit the BBQ.  I made 2 soft serve ice creams for dessert - Strawberry & Blueberry, and Mango.  We nommed on lamingtons and BBQ shapes.  YUM!  It's all about the food with me, haha.

Ty mans the BBQ

The kids had a great day, and sleep came to them as soon as little heads hit their pillows.  
I live for these days.  Giggling children, playful antics, great company.  I adore the ages all three are at right now.  The kids LOVE company, they adore playing with their friends.  They're of course at an age where there is a bit of a battle of the wills, but they're also at an age where they play well independently and together... with each other, and with other children.  There was a lovely little group of children, and it was just a really nice balance... although, completely dominated by girls!  

The key to a great Aussie Day?  GREAT MATES.

Tomorrow we have one last day before our little world changes.
Tuesday, our Lexi officially starts Primary School.  Part of me will cry, whilst the other breathes a sigh of relief that I've gotten her this far ;) Tomorrow will be spent ensuring everything is ready for her... and that her Aussie Flag temporary tattoos have been rubbed off!

Wednesday, 22 January 2014

96. I've learned to braid!

96.  Learn two different types of braid (2/2)

Oh how I wish Lexi had lovely long hair, thick and easy to braid and play with.

Alas, she has mousey, messy, slow growing hair!  Damn!  That said, I still managed to achieve this goal!  Thanks youtube!

Fishtail braid!

Rather messy French braid!

Heheh aftermath :P

Not so great in my own hair!

Daddy is also learning the basics ;)

PROJECT 365 {{WEEK 3}}

Project 365 - Instagram Style

15th of January 2014 - Memphis enjoys a bit of sunshine at the park

16th of January 2014 - Zavian hanging out at Uncle Jason's house

17th of January 2014 - The fam bam enjoy a cool down at Gardeners Falls

18th of January 2014 - Memphis meets a python at Australia Zoo

19th of January 2014 - We visit Ettamogah Pub for lunch

20th January 2014 - Home made fruity-poles - YUMMY!

21st of January 2014 - Memphis waits for the paed, and does so very cutely!

Elephant Mobile (10)

10. Handmake something beautiful to display

Once we (read: I) had decided on the theme for our new babies nursery, I knew I wanted to handmake stuff for in that room - and that I wanted to make a mobile.  Something sweet, simple, but beautiful.  Yellow, white and grey.  Elephants.  

Thanks to my old mate, Pinterest, I found a mobile that I wanted.  However, the $60-70 price tag that came with it, didn't bide well with me (and was an absolute NO from Tyron!)  Instead I made it for approximately $15 and only a tiny amount of loss of sanity.  Good price, I say!

Ready to create
After searching for the price of an elephant punchie on ebay, I realised making my own elephants was not going to be the way - $30 for a punchie!  

So I searched for some already cut and found someone who had them and enquired if she could custom do some to my colour scheme.  She was happy to, so I purched 120 punchies for something like $4.  Score.  I didn't even use them all - so will be (one day) using the leftovers for some artwork on his wall.  The ring was just a cross stick metal ring from Spotlight, for a couple of dollars.  Invisible thread was $2.  And I spent more on ribbon than anything else, but even that was less than $10.  

Elephant punchies, ribbons... it's all go!
I was determined I'd do this!!!

There was of course frustration... a tangled mess of elephants and invisible thread when I was putting it all together left me cursing, annoyed and seriously considering an etsy purchase of one premade and not-tangled.  I whinged to my poor friend, Bonnie, the entire time I was making it.  Not that she could do anything about it, but she just told me to get on with it :P  No mercy, there!  In the end, I spose I could say I did enjoy making it!!!  Eventually, like... when it was on the roof and dangling there all pretty.

That said, hindsight is a wonderful thing and honestly, I don't think I would do it the same way I did - not that I plan on ever doing it again haha.  I am notorious for making things more difficult for myself and this - was no exception.  That said - it's complete.  I finished it sitting on my lounge room floor, less than a month before he arrived, watching trashy tv whilst Ty was at poker.  Good times!

So far - it's held up well... I did wonder if the fan or wind would turn it in to a crazy tangled mess... I begged and pleaded in my head that it wouldn't, lol.  But so far, so good.  It's just out of the way of the fan that all it does is slightly flutter.  I have put just enough rows of elephants I think, that it's not too easy to get all tangled.  I have had only one minor detangling issue, where I swore at it for 10 minutes after quite a lot of wind from a storm sent it into a jumbled mess.  I got it detangled though, and you'd never know.  It did more damage to the outdoor gazebo ;)

I think the best part of it all, was that people didn't look at it and think it looked silly.  Ty even told me he liked it and that was something as he rarely just out and says things like that.  I call that a win!  Now, to never ever move, as god knows how I would transport it!!!!

4. Snail Mail

Christmas photo... hope those who
got one liked it - I didn't print enough!!
4. Send 5 “snail mail” letters/cards to overseas friends/family (5/5)

I am not one to send snail mail.  I have the best of intentions... but I forget.  I rarely go near a post office... and lets face it, who wants to drag 3 kids in to a post office?!
That said, I did utilise the birth of Memphis & Christmas to get number 4 out of the way.

So some lovely friends and rellies overseas received Christmas cards from me for the first time ever as well as a cute little birth announcement.  I even sent it to more than 5 people.. but the first 5 who got them were Jade & Brendan, Aunty Claire & Uncle Junior, Denise & Warren, Aunty Christine & Uncle Stephen, and the Reddalls/Jones clans.  

It was kind of nice writing out cards and putting in photos of the kids and Memphis.  I know that no one would have expected to get anything haha, I'm just useless like that!  That said the novelty wore off when I got to the post office and spent over $30 sending cards.  Ahhhhhhh! I thought.  That's why I use email and facebook!  Haha.

Birth Announcement that we sent <3

86. Donating

86. Donate/give away 101 items (101/101) + more!

Prior to Christmas I went on a bit of a rampage through our wardrobes.  I hoard clothes.  Out of laziness more than anything, but as I get bigger or lose weight I tend to look at my wardrobe and think "I'll fit that again".  Fact is, I've not really gotten a lot bigger or smaller... My weight shifts around a 5kg area and doesn't do much more (yeah yeah, I could try).  So it was time to turf the excess.  And yes, I still need to get rid of more.

Ty, the kids and I filled up bags and boxes... over 100 items of close, 50 soft toys, a few bags of old toys the kids no longer play with.  We filled the back of the car right up full, and headed to the salvos bins in town and loaded them up.

I don't have pics (dunno why I didn't take one!) but it was nice to see it all go, and to people who can use it.  The kids were a bit unsure at first (had no idea what we were doing - garbage bags to them make them think we are throwing their things in the rubbish!) but once they understood they were happy to give their toys to children who needed them.

Tuesday, 14 January 2014

2 Months Old

Guess who's 2 months old?  Already?!
Why!?  When!?  How!?

2 months of adorable <3
2 months have flown, and the little bubba who spent his first days in the confines of a humidicrib is waking up and starting to take an interest in the world around us.  Still ever the sleepy baby, he does spend most of his time in peaceful slumber - but we are getting more periods of time where he watches and absorbs, as he starts to recognise and follow our voices.  He's smiling and alert, saving his biggest and best smiles for his big sister.

What is there to know about Memphis at 2 months old?  Not a lot to be honest!  He's a sleeper.  He loves sleep, waking once a night for a feed.  He will sleep anywhere - his bassinet, swing, cot, carseat, pram, on us.  He could not be more different to Zavian if he tried.  Memphis in the last few days has started to gain a bit of head control and is lifting his cute little noggin up and having a look around at what the world (or lounge) has to offer.  He is a right little snuggle-bunny.

Posh little feeding finger!
Feeding is going wonderfully.  What can I say - my boy loves boob.  I am often hesitant when I speak of breastfeeding goals with my children.  With Alexis I had very few goals, little knowledge and even less support.  I had no idea what I was getting myself in to.  It wasn't until I couldn't breastfeed her, did I realise the importance of it to me.    With Zavian I set goals, once I decided to breastfeed (because yes - I went through a stage of fear and not wanting to do it).  A month.  Two months.  Three months.  Six months.  Nine months. A year.  Anything beyond that, I was happy with and I went on to feed him for 16 months before he self weaned after he contracted hand, foot and mouth disease.  He just decided not to feed during that time (a mouth full of ulcers) and that was that.  Memphis... I had a bit of a fire in my belly in regards to feeding Memphis.  I know that there's a lot more to breastfeeding than simply wanting to, but when that little bub latched the very first time at 5 days on - even if for only a moment - and had his first proper feed at 9 days - I got determined.  I had pumped a ridiculous amount trying to get my milk in for him and I was determined that regardless of how he took it, he would receive my breast milk.  As it stood he went from 1 suck feed at 9 days old to full suck feeds at 15 days old.  And since then he's come along in leaps and bounds.  He feeds well, around 3.5-4 hourly during the day, and over night he'll do stretches up to 5.5 hours.  My goals?  Still the same.  I've met my first goal of simply getting him to take the breast.  To get to 1 month.  2 months.  My current goal isn't month related but to get him to feed without the nipple shield.  He's had a few feeds where he has latched straight to the nipple, however he is a fussy little man and if he doesn't want to work for it, he will fuss until I give him the shield.  I don't mind if he is on the shield the whole time - if that works, it works.  It's more it's a finicky pain in the ass when we are out!  So if I can be rid of it, then I will be!

It's safe to say that whilst that first couple of weeks was rough (due to back and forwarding from the hospital), he has been our easiest baby of the three of them.  He's so settled and content.  He's a happy baby.  He's not much a crier (we hardly hear a peep from him!)  Even yesterday, on receiving his 2 month immunisations, he had a couple of crocodile tears and then broke into big smiles.  He just isn't phased by much at all.  Thankfully - as guess who has someone in his face all.the.time.  He's a very very very loved little boy with siblings who want to touch him, hold him, talk to him, sing to him all day long.  He loves them though, and I have no doubt that he will fit in to that little duo with no worries at all.  I do feel pangs of guilt when I realise how much I am enjoying him, so much more than I did with Alexis and Zavian.  Nothing to do with them of course, just the demon that is post natal depression.  This time around though, whilst most people expect me to be so much more 'bogged down' and in struggle town even moreso, it's the opposite.  I feel like I am finally more like the mother I want to be.  Yes, it is easier because he is easier than they were.  He doesn't have chronic reflux.  He doesn't have Erbs Palsy and a strong resistance to sleep.  But beyond that, I am so much more confident with who I am as a person, as a mum.  The fact that I've been quite routine orientated and consistent with the other two has meant that he's slotted right in.  We flow.  We fit.  We're quite a team here.  And I just feel as though things are exactly as they should be with the kids.

Three Cheeky Monkeys

So here are some stats for a wee little man!  Who now, is 150g bigger than his brother was at birth, and is the same length as his sister was.  At 2 months old!

Birth: 1.9kg | 40cm
1 month: 2.4kg |51cm
2 months: 3.6kg | 52cm

Project 365 {{Week 2}}

Project 365 - Instagram Style

2 weeks down... so far so good, haha.
The aim for the next week - outdoors every day!

8th of January 2014 - Ty and Memphis have a nap

9th of January 2014 - A bucket of soapy water makes for cheap entertainment

10th of January 2014 - Tiana came to hang out!
Cousins are our first best friends <3

11th of January 2014 - Yummy!  Home made cinnamon scrolls

12th of January 2014 - A trip to Jacobs Well, the kids make friends with these
two doggies who hang out on the beach whilst their owners smoke in their car!

12th of January 2014 - Memphis in a milk-drunk slumber

13th of January 2014 - Love this goofball

14th of January 2014 - My smiley Byron