Tuesday, 14 January 2014

2 Months Old

Guess who's 2 months old?  Already?!
Why!?  When!?  How!?

2 months of adorable <3
2 months have flown, and the little bubba who spent his first days in the confines of a humidicrib is waking up and starting to take an interest in the world around us.  Still ever the sleepy baby, he does spend most of his time in peaceful slumber - but we are getting more periods of time where he watches and absorbs, as he starts to recognise and follow our voices.  He's smiling and alert, saving his biggest and best smiles for his big sister.

What is there to know about Memphis at 2 months old?  Not a lot to be honest!  He's a sleeper.  He loves sleep, waking once a night for a feed.  He will sleep anywhere - his bassinet, swing, cot, carseat, pram, on us.  He could not be more different to Zavian if he tried.  Memphis in the last few days has started to gain a bit of head control and is lifting his cute little noggin up and having a look around at what the world (or lounge) has to offer.  He is a right little snuggle-bunny.

Posh little feeding finger!
Feeding is going wonderfully.  What can I say - my boy loves boob.  I am often hesitant when I speak of breastfeeding goals with my children.  With Alexis I had very few goals, little knowledge and even less support.  I had no idea what I was getting myself in to.  It wasn't until I couldn't breastfeed her, did I realise the importance of it to me.    With Zavian I set goals, once I decided to breastfeed (because yes - I went through a stage of fear and not wanting to do it).  A month.  Two months.  Three months.  Six months.  Nine months. A year.  Anything beyond that, I was happy with and I went on to feed him for 16 months before he self weaned after he contracted hand, foot and mouth disease.  He just decided not to feed during that time (a mouth full of ulcers) and that was that.  Memphis... I had a bit of a fire in my belly in regards to feeding Memphis.  I know that there's a lot more to breastfeeding than simply wanting to, but when that little bub latched the very first time at 5 days on - even if for only a moment - and had his first proper feed at 9 days - I got determined.  I had pumped a ridiculous amount trying to get my milk in for him and I was determined that regardless of how he took it, he would receive my breast milk.  As it stood he went from 1 suck feed at 9 days old to full suck feeds at 15 days old.  And since then he's come along in leaps and bounds.  He feeds well, around 3.5-4 hourly during the day, and over night he'll do stretches up to 5.5 hours.  My goals?  Still the same.  I've met my first goal of simply getting him to take the breast.  To get to 1 month.  2 months.  My current goal isn't month related but to get him to feed without the nipple shield.  He's had a few feeds where he has latched straight to the nipple, however he is a fussy little man and if he doesn't want to work for it, he will fuss until I give him the shield.  I don't mind if he is on the shield the whole time - if that works, it works.  It's more it's a finicky pain in the ass when we are out!  So if I can be rid of it, then I will be!

It's safe to say that whilst that first couple of weeks was rough (due to back and forwarding from the hospital), he has been our easiest baby of the three of them.  He's so settled and content.  He's a happy baby.  He's not much a crier (we hardly hear a peep from him!)  Even yesterday, on receiving his 2 month immunisations, he had a couple of crocodile tears and then broke into big smiles.  He just isn't phased by much at all.  Thankfully - as guess who has someone in his face all.the.time.  He's a very very very loved little boy with siblings who want to touch him, hold him, talk to him, sing to him all day long.  He loves them though, and I have no doubt that he will fit in to that little duo with no worries at all.  I do feel pangs of guilt when I realise how much I am enjoying him, so much more than I did with Alexis and Zavian.  Nothing to do with them of course, just the demon that is post natal depression.  This time around though, whilst most people expect me to be so much more 'bogged down' and in struggle town even moreso, it's the opposite.  I feel like I am finally more like the mother I want to be.  Yes, it is easier because he is easier than they were.  He doesn't have chronic reflux.  He doesn't have Erbs Palsy and a strong resistance to sleep.  But beyond that, I am so much more confident with who I am as a person, as a mum.  The fact that I've been quite routine orientated and consistent with the other two has meant that he's slotted right in.  We flow.  We fit.  We're quite a team here.  And I just feel as though things are exactly as they should be with the kids.

Three Cheeky Monkeys

So here are some stats for a wee little man!  Who now, is 150g bigger than his brother was at birth, and is the same length as his sister was.  At 2 months old!

Birth: 1.9kg | 40cm
1 month: 2.4kg |51cm
2 months: 3.6kg | 52cm

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