Tuesday, 28 January 2014

The beginning of school

First Day of Prep <3

Today was a big day, probably one of my biggest as a parent.  My big girl, my first born, started school.  And all I could think, all day long, was how did this day come so soon?  Where have the last 4.5 years gone?  How is it possible that the tiny baby I gave birth to not too long ago, is venturing through the school gates with a back pack on her back?

It seems so wrong that a child wearing size 2 clothing is already starting school!  Sure, she's tiny... but there's that part of me that wants to keep her little forever.

All of a sudden, my baby seems grown up!

Routine has been lacking since the birth of Memphis, and I really didn't do a very good job the last two weeks of getting her in to one.  I stressed that the morning would be chaos but it went a lot more smoothly than anticipated.  I can do this!  I can juggle 3 kids and a school run (hahah... I hope!)  Today I consider success - all children AND myself ate.  We were dressed and ready to go on time.  Heck, even Zavian managed to get his face washed.  Though he did save time by attempting to feed half his breakfast (toast) to the cat.  The hardest part of the morning was explaining to Zavian that no, he was not going with Lexi!

Poor boy wanted to go with his sissy... sorry mate, next year you can go to C&K!

She was SO happy to go to school.  She oozed with confidence and enthusiasm, happy to be taking that step in to the classroom - once we got there, that was.  Of course, the first morning of her school life and the car battery is dead flat.  Naturally!  Ty had thankfully stayed home for the special occasion and as such we were able to switch carseats around, jump in the other car and make it right on time.  And by right on time I mean, walking through the gates as the bell sounded.  All good though, as we weren't the last in!


I am so grateful for the experience of pre-prep last year.  Because of the 1 day a week she attended there, Alexis understands what is expected of her at school.  She understands the routines and expectations, and has learnt some basics before Prep even started.  I may have been that proud beaming mummy watching on as she found her name on the wall, and then went inside and got her name tag.  She sat down and engaged with other children and got in to some drawing.  And we just stood there... waiting for her to say bye.  We weren't even rating on her radar, though - there was way more interesting things to be doing!  She reluctantly dawdled on over when I asked her if she could please come and say bye!

Picking her up this afternoon she was still ecstatic about her biggest milestone to date.  Miss Lexi LOVED her first day at school, is already fond of her teacher and teacher aids, and in general was still buzzing!  She was so excited to come out and tell us about school, and she was chuffed to see Zavian - the two of them are inseparable so it was a long day for both of them to be apart.

The day is over, the hardest part done.  She's home, she's happy, she's excited to go tomorrow.  It gets easier with each child, right?!

Interview with a Preppie!

What is your name? Alexis Halley Jean Ware
How old are you? I'm 4!

What happened today? I went to school.
What school do you go to? Waterfords!
What class are you in? Prep W!

Who is your teacher?  Mrs Wilson.  I have 3, what are their names again? I saw them today.
What did you do at school?  Drawings.  And puzzles...... ummmm.... and more puzzles.
Who did you play with? Roses and Zali
Do you want to go back? Yeah!  Tomorrow please.
What did you have for lunch? Cupcake.  Crackers and cheese.  Bread.
What was your favourite part of the day? Playing.  And going to the toilet.
Who did you miss most today? Spuddy.  Did Leo miss me?

So there you have it.  That first day over, interview indicates that Mummy packs a crappy lunch and that she hasn't missed her loving parents!  Her concern was more that the cat may have missed her too much, and her greatest joy was that she got to use BIG toilets at school.  It's the small (or big?) things ;)

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  1. Lovely pics, I love the interview :D xx