Sunday, 26 January 2014

Just Another Aussie Day

My Littlest Aussie - and the first temporary tattoo of what I imagine will be many!!

Having been in Australia 15 years, I consider myself an Aussie.  I hold citizenship here, have been back to NZ only once (last year) and have lived here 3 years longer than I lived in NZ.  I like it here.  I think I'll stay.  I'm raising gorgeous lil Aussie babies too, which helps ;)

We had a quiet morning, a nice sleep in after a late night with visitors.  I didn't hold a lot of hope for the weather holding out, but it came right and the afternoon was spent BBQing, listening to Triple J's Hottest 100 and enjoying the company of good friends - ours and the children's.  It was really nice!  I've stuffed myself stupid on food though, as always, and am now feeling very couch-potatoey and blah!  We've eaten vegemite sangas, I made cobb loaf, kangaroo steaks hit the BBQ.  I made 2 soft serve ice creams for dessert - Strawberry & Blueberry, and Mango.  We nommed on lamingtons and BBQ shapes.  YUM!  It's all about the food with me, haha.

Ty mans the BBQ

The kids had a great day, and sleep came to them as soon as little heads hit their pillows.  
I live for these days.  Giggling children, playful antics, great company.  I adore the ages all three are at right now.  The kids LOVE company, they adore playing with their friends.  They're of course at an age where there is a bit of a battle of the wills, but they're also at an age where they play well independently and together... with each other, and with other children.  There was a lovely little group of children, and it was just a really nice balance... although, completely dominated by girls!  

The key to a great Aussie Day?  GREAT MATES.

Tomorrow we have one last day before our little world changes.
Tuesday, our Lexi officially starts Primary School.  Part of me will cry, whilst the other breathes a sigh of relief that I've gotten her this far ;) Tomorrow will be spent ensuring everything is ready for her... and that her Aussie Flag temporary tattoos have been rubbed off!

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