Wednesday, 22 January 2014

4. Snail Mail

Christmas photo... hope those who
got one liked it - I didn't print enough!!
4. Send 5 “snail mail” letters/cards to overseas friends/family (5/5)

I am not one to send snail mail.  I have the best of intentions... but I forget.  I rarely go near a post office... and lets face it, who wants to drag 3 kids in to a post office?!
That said, I did utilise the birth of Memphis & Christmas to get number 4 out of the way.

So some lovely friends and rellies overseas received Christmas cards from me for the first time ever as well as a cute little birth announcement.  I even sent it to more than 5 people.. but the first 5 who got them were Jade & Brendan, Aunty Claire & Uncle Junior, Denise & Warren, Aunty Christine & Uncle Stephen, and the Reddalls/Jones clans.  

It was kind of nice writing out cards and putting in photos of the kids and Memphis.  I know that no one would have expected to get anything haha, I'm just useless like that!  That said the novelty wore off when I got to the post office and spent over $30 sending cards.  Ahhhhhhh! I thought.  That's why I use email and facebook!  Haha.

Birth Announcement that we sent <3

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