Thursday, 9 January 2014

Project 365 {{Week One}}

Project 365 - Instagram Style...

Oh I have no idea how I will go with this.  I forget, I lose my mojo.  I figured using Instagram I always have my phone on me - no excuses.

1st of January 2014 - fruit salad with the kids favourite fruit (mango)

2nd of January 2014 - Alexis and her Jessie doll have a new friend - she won
a fairy doll from Ikea after entering a Christmas competition.  Lucky girl!

3rd of January 2014 - Mr Memphis enjoys a quick wash in the basin
4th of January 2014 - Zavian and Byron cool down on a hot 45 degree day!

5th of January 2014 - Brothers <3

6th of January 2014 - My beautiful girl, starting to look very grown up!

7th of January 2014 - Someone else is looking so grown up, too :(

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