Thursday, 9 January 2014

Small wonders

Byron photobombs the kids during waterplay
My childhood was spent enjoying the simple pleasures of outside.  We had a trampoline, and at some stage we had a swing and slide set, but we generally relied on a bit of dirt and our imaginations.  Behind our home was a creek, and we were of a generation and in an area where we would happily ride our bikes in the street.  We'd climb trees, and play in neighbouring paddocks.  We would pick wild berries growing along the banks of the creek and fish for eels with the boys who lived behind us.  We lived outside during the day time, and came in when it was dark.

But it's a different generation, it's a different time.  I don't trust my neighbourhood enough to allow my kids to wander the streets alone.  If they're riding their bikes out the front, we are out their with them.  It wasn't even until very recently that I started to let them go outside in the back yard alone.  Yes - I'm one of those parents.  Hey, I'm relaxing those rules a little.  Zavian has become steady enough on the stairs that I don't worry he'll fall down them every time he goes out there.  They're learnt to stay away from where our yard drops off to a rocky mess.  They understand not to steal the dogs ball (most of the time).  And they're spending more time outside as I can potter around the house of feed the baby without constantly stressing about what they are in to.  I locked them out today (oh yes - locked) so I could pull down the Christmas tree and sneak and ice cream in as a treat without 2 small beings under my feet asking a million questions and trying to steal my indulgent moment away from under me!

Water balloons have recently been discovered by our two bigguns and they love them.  It's ignited a love of water play however I am not spending my day filling up a million water ballons.  Water guns it is.  Zavian, sneaky as he is, will find the water gun and fill it up in the dogs water bowl - he'll sneak up on his sister and shoot her with water as they both erupt in to squeals and giggles.  I know there are plenty of parents out there that don't condone guns but quite frankly I am all for the humble water gun.

Today, I gave them a bucket of soapy water and let them loose.  They spent an hour playing out there in it, laughing and carrying on and have a great time.  The end result being two soaking wet, happy, smiling children who didn't need the television, that didn't need some gadget or top of the range toy.  One $3 bucket (yeah I gave them my good one for housework haha), a few litres of water and a couple of skirts of baby soap and wa-la.  It's the small things in life.  Even if the poor dog ended up with it dumped over his head (note: he loves water and that would be his kind of heaven).

This week I want to get a sensory tub sorted out for Zavian... nothing overly interesting.  A tub of sand (with a lid... keep the dogs and bugs out when he's not playing with it), some dinosaurs and diggers and random bits and pieces and let him go nuts.
I'll also be arranging a fun ice activity but that's a story for another day.

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