Saturday, 31 May 2014

Supergirl meets Supergirl

Last week we went to Movie World (oh how I love those passes!!)

Lexi dressed up as Super Girl and we promised her that we would take her to meet Super Girl when we were there (she's always really liked the Super Girl character, but is actually more of a Marilyn Monroe and Tweety Bird fan haha).  She was so excited, ran up and gave her a HUGE hug.  They then asked her if she'd like to walk with her during the parade - cue gushing and excited squeals.  Well DUH, little miss 'loves to be the centre of attention' was on that!  So we went to where they told us to meet them and had a bit of a relax until parade time.  


Whilst we waited, a staff member came over to us and actually offered for our family to sit in a VIP section (an area that is sectioned off and a few families who have dressed up kids get to sit).  We were pretty chuffed to have the space and prime viewing, the kids LOVED it!!  I think the best part was that all of the characters generally stopped and waved in that zone.  HEAPS came up to them (Justice League, Scooby, Tweety etc etc etc) and the kids were jumping out of their skins from excitement.  Lexi got to run down the main street in the parade with Super Girl and they were given an ice cream each.  It was such an awesome experience for them.

I think pictures will say more than I possibly could, so here is a few from the parade!!

Friday, 30 May 2014

Almost five...

I know a little princess, she is almost five.
She is my darling little girl, and I cannot believe how fast 5 years seems to have passed us by.
She is beautiful, cheeky and has a wonderful imagination.
She loves to dance, sing and perform.
Her 'Birthday Month Photo-A-Day' begins on Sunday (1st of June).
I am also aiming to get her a collection of photos done to celebrate her 5th birthday.
Stunning, isn't she?

Darlington Parklands at Yarrabilba (70)

70.  Visit five new playgrounds we haven’t been to before

A new suburb/estate earlier this year opened up on the road out to Tamborine called Yarrabilba.  A new family based community (houses on top of each other, lol) called for a fabulous new park (in an attempt to rival Robelle Domain, I guess!) and with that came the construction of Darlington Parklands.

I have avoided the masses over the warmer months, the novelty of such a park (brand new equipment, water park area, FREE FREE FREE) has attracted a lot of people who are looking for something new, and anyone who knows me knows that I hate crowded places like that with kids.  And water.  I hate water.  And sand.  Good god, sand... I hate it.  And so many parks around here are just... dirty.

Anyway, we ended up visiting the other day, due to a birthday party, and I must say that I am pretty impressed.  It's new, so it's clean.  They have awesome equipment - your usual playgrounds, with cool slides.  A double flying fox, awesome spider web climbing frame, a great swing set.  Although my only issue is there is no bucket seat style so Memphis will not get a go on a swing there until he is much larger (I am talking 2+).    There are heaps of under cover areas and tables.  There's a great water area, shallow enough for all ages... fountains etc.  FREE WI-FI!!!!  Pretty great park all in all.  We will go back, that is for sure!

PROJECT 365 {{WEEK 21}}

21st May - Memphis takes a new liking to swaddling
22nd May - Passed out on Daddy
23rd May - My perfect little ballerina
24th May - Happy for baby bro to be home with her
25th May - Movie World, full of heroes
26th May - clean dogs become lap dogs
27ths May - Zavian orders a babycino from the "thirsty van" at school

Thursday, 29 May 2014

PROJECT 365 {{WEEK 20}}

14th May - This lazy kid :P
15th May - cracked out the high chair today - he loves it!
16th May - Adorable much?  Getting the strength slowly to sit
17th May - trouble sleeping
18th May - this guy turns up in the middle of the night every night lately
19th May - Rare moment of being quite comfy in his bed
20th May - Poor bubba Memphis is admitted to hospital

PROJECT 365 {{WEEK 19}}

7th May - Loom band craze has started
8th May - OMG this blue eyed boy <3
9th May - Super baby after being told the hole in his heart has CLOSED!
10th May - A cake smash today!
11th May - Mothers Day with my babes
12th May - this twit is 9 years old!  LOVE HIM!
13th May - Zavian helps me bake!

Wednesday, 28 May 2014

PROJECT 365 {{WEEK 18}}

30th April - Cutie boy has started with rusks!
1st May - Jump Rope Day at school for Alexis
2nd May - Selfies with this cutie-face
3rd May - Brisk night - crack out the uggies!
4th May - watching Katy Perry clips hahaha

5th May - Happy Birthday to Me!
6th May - Quiet time!

PROJECT 365 {{WEEK 17}}

23rd April - pretty horses in Melbourne CBD
24th April - My boy enjoying the aquarium
25th April - Waiting for the train in to town for Anzac Day
26th April - Random street "art" in the city
27th April - Home and chilling
28th April - a joint face for jumprope (thanks Mandy)
29th April - Had to pull over for a double rainbow

Tuesday, 27 May 2014

PROJECT 365 {{WEEK 16}}

16th April - a quick snack for Zavian before we board our flight to Melbourne
17th April - Hi Azzy-cat!
18th April - reading time!
19th April - Daddy and Memmy ready for footy day
20th April - Easter Sunday fun at Rippon Lea Estate
21st April - Zavian chills out on the moon chair at Luna Park