Friday, 2 May 2014

Lexi's does Auskick

When we fell pregnant with Alexis, Ty's dreams of a future AFL superstar began to form.
He wasn't deterred when we discovered we were having a girl... and this year at long last, Lexi was able to start playing.  We signed her up for Auskick.

Lexi's a diva.  She dances, she performs.  She does not do sport.  This is of her own accord.  She surprised herself I think, when she enjoyed doing the ball skills and participated in Auskick and had a good time.  She near died from the excitement of getting a purple back pack with a purple ball and a purple hat.

April 5 saw Q-Clash at Metricon Stadium.  Lexi's team got to go down, and dress up in their AFL clothes (Lexi's SWAM on her!) and then she got to play at half time in front of the crowd!
And by play, I mean... hide behind the ref, play hide and seek, wave at the crowd, do a dance (ballet, naturally) and much to my embarrassment, when she saw me she actually ran off from her team to come and say Hey!  Oh dear... there goes Ty's dreams!
I bribed her with an ice cream to PLEASE go and participate, at which point she ran in to the middle of the game, cut off her team mate jumping up and down and waving her arms to indicate she wanted the ball *sigh* hahaha.  When she got it, she panicked and threw it the wrong way... then skipped off with a victorious fist pump because she just scored an ice cream!
When leaving the field, the ref scooped her up and carried her off as she waved at the crowd as if she was the queen.  As you do.

Ty got to be Goal Umpire
Aunty Tash was up from Melbourne and got to come!
Uncle Ryan and Aunty Georgia came, too!
Family occasion!
"If I close my eyes, he can't see me!"
Not playing.....
Crap, she saw us!
Running in to get the ball!
"Give it to me!"
Thankfully her team mate anticipated what she was going to do haha
Back to waving...
Special treatment haha
I think Ty's hopes may have to ride on this guy!

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  1. Amazing photos!! Lexi looks like she is really enjoying herself! Love the pic of Zav, super cute! ;D xx