Monday, 19 May 2014

Reading and Writing

Feeling slightly victorious tonight as a little learning milestone has been reached!
My little preppie has learned all of hear Golden Words.

It's been a long time coming, and she's probably one of the last in her class to get them, but she tried her best and finally achieved this.  She'll get an award on assembly on Thursday... highlight of her life haha.  She has received 3 awards now, and that will be her 4th.  I will need to start a folder!

So now we are on to 'Red Words'... and there are a lot more of those!  Start of a new battle, as she doesn't overly enjoy this style of learning (much prefers her sight words folder, where she reads the words in sentences and writes them out).  However, she will get there.  She continues to surprise us with how she is coming along and I'm really happy.

Here is a little sample of her writing.  It's a bit all over the place as she was using a pen without a grip and so she has less control, but she did this herself with help with spelling and also with me showing her about 3 of the letters.  Still working on capitals and lower case in the right spot, but she is 4 years old.  To be writing like this at 4, I really cannot complain!!!
(The letter is for a little girl in her class who's house burned down last week.  Lexi has given her a backpack and some toys inside it).

My kid is awesome.

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