Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Project Memphis - 26 weeks / 6 months old

My sweet 6 month old <3
It is amazing how in the blink of an eye (or so it seems), that 6 months passes you by.
But it has.  6 months since our precious little Memphis came, 6 months ago we were sitting by his side in hospital not knowing what was going on.
I can't believe the difference 6 months makes.  From my tiny 1.9kg fighter, to my 5.5kg snuggle bug.  It's been a blur, but I enjoy him so much.

Always laughing <3

Memphis is a beautiful baby.  Of my three, he has by far been the easiest.  Partially due to being old-pat at this parenting babies and toddlers gig, but mostly because he is an incredibly content and placid boy.  He is happy, cheeky and 'talkative'.  He is starting to play coy, and he is a Mummy's boy.  He adores his older siblings.  He loves Daddy tickling him.

At six months old Memphis is in 5.5kg and 60cm long.  He is in a size 000 clothing, although does fit some 0000 separates, although I sat in his room recently with quiet tears as I put away those preemie, 5x0 and 4x0 clothing for the very last time.  Looking at the tiniest of his suits - Tiny Prem sizing - and wondering if he was ever that small.  
We sat in the hospital waiting room the other day waiting for the heart specialist and a beautiful, tiny baby girl was beside us and I couldn't help but just look at her and marvel in her teeny tiny little features.  When I asked how big she was, I expected them to say around 2kg, she looked about as big as Memphis was born - I was sure of it! But she was in fact 3kg.  How could I forget so soon that he was ever that teeny tiny?  He was just so small!

26 weeks old

Memphis 26 weeks / 6 months old
- 5.5kg
- 60cm
- Size: 000
- loves Playschool
- laughs and giggles
- "chats"
- "calls out" (has really found his voice
- ticklish (particularly neck, feet, rubs, thighs)
- chewing hands/fingers a lot (no toothy pegs)
- all toys are "food"
- pushes self up on to arms (and throws self forward)
- rolling both ways
- lazy with rolling from tummy to back though!
- loves the jolly jumper
- "chases" toys around the floor
- starting to play peek-a-boo
- aware of where mummy is
- self settles
- sporadic with day naps - day sleep is for the weak!
- 3-4 hourly day feeds / sleeps 7.30pm - 4/5am, then again till 7ish
- Started solids 24 wks old
- likes cereal, pumpkin, carrot, milk arrowroot bikkies, bread
- dislikes banana

Project Memphis continues along.  I enjoy this project - and I am keeping his outfits in his memory box (ok, random basket... I really need something a bit bigger and more box-like haha).  It's amazing to see how he's grown, and each time becomes more challenging as he to sit or lay still.  He wiggles over his change table and everything is a distraction!  And the photo?  Well that is definitely a toy.  Or food.  Or both!  But it's fun and I'm glad I did it.  I stretched this photo out an extra 2 weeks to take us right on 6 months.  

I love this child with every inch of my being.  He has the sweetest little features.  His little button nose, and those sweet little lips.  He sucks in that bottom lip all the time, too.  His big blue eyes are curious, and forever following me around.  He loves the camera.  He loves to smile, and laugh. Our breastfeeding journey continues and he is as much a 'booby boy' as ever, something I felt I've fought very hard for.  He is cuddly, affectionate and quite simply put, wonderful.  

There is little more I could put in to words about Memphis, so enjoy some pictures from this last week(ish).

Food is a new thing around here!
Another new thing - the jolly jumper.  He LOVES it!
With his lovely softie from Uncle Adam (he bought him when Mem was born)
A few Instagram snaps <3  He's such a photogenic lil guy!

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  1. It's hard to believe he's 6 months, it went by so quick! He's SO cute! Bless. Happy six months Memphis. xx