Sunday, 25 May 2014

A hospital trip

After being fobbed off as an over-anxious mother (being mum to a preemie is like being a first time mum, again!), a rather sick Memphis was admitted to hospital last Tuesday.  Suffering quite a lot from a bad case of bronchiolitis and RSV, he strugged to feed (he is breastfed) and was not getting anywhere enough intake.  After taking him to the GP for the third time, she sent us to Logan Hospital ED where he was deemed sick enough to not even wait in the waiting room.  After a few hours in ED being monitored they decided to admit him due to his not feeding - he just does not have the weight to lose - and we were in the Children's Ward tucked up that night, after having an NG tube inserted by some lovely ED staff.  He fought hard, but they won.  

Waiting in ED, with his much loved Bunny

After 3 days of tube feeding, rebuilding my milk supply, suctioning his poor nose with a tube down the back (awful)... We came home on Friday and we do have a bit of a healing process to go but he is so much better.  The hardest part was getting him to feed, but he got there and is improving.   He's got a 300g to re-gain but he will get there.

Poor boy was so out of sorts :(
Memphis enjoyed Doctor visits because they bought along "toys"
You're going to put WHAT up my nose?
He loved his 2 visits from sissy <3
Someone pulled out his feeding tube.  TWICE!  Ugh!
But the grand plan back fired as they just put it back in.
Someone is feeling a lot better.  Still a ways to go, but he's smiling again <3

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  1. Poor little fella. Bless him. I'm glad he's improving, I hope he recovers soon. Hugs to you and Memphis. xx