Friday, 30 May 2014

Darlington Parklands at Yarrabilba (70)

70.  Visit five new playgrounds we haven’t been to before

A new suburb/estate earlier this year opened up on the road out to Tamborine called Yarrabilba.  A new family based community (houses on top of each other, lol) called for a fabulous new park (in an attempt to rival Robelle Domain, I guess!) and with that came the construction of Darlington Parklands.

I have avoided the masses over the warmer months, the novelty of such a park (brand new equipment, water park area, FREE FREE FREE) has attracted a lot of people who are looking for something new, and anyone who knows me knows that I hate crowded places like that with kids.  And water.  I hate water.  And sand.  Good god, sand... I hate it.  And so many parks around here are just... dirty.

Anyway, we ended up visiting the other day, due to a birthday party, and I must say that I am pretty impressed.  It's new, so it's clean.  They have awesome equipment - your usual playgrounds, with cool slides.  A double flying fox, awesome spider web climbing frame, a great swing set.  Although my only issue is there is no bucket seat style so Memphis will not get a go on a swing there until he is much larger (I am talking 2+).    There are heaps of under cover areas and tables.  There's a great water area, shallow enough for all ages... fountains etc.  FREE WI-FI!!!!  Pretty great park all in all.  We will go back, that is for sure!

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  1. That park looks awesome and the kids look like they really enjoyed it! I wish we had a new park around here, ours are all covered in graffiti *Sigh*
    Beautiful photos and beautiful photos on the previous few posts, too. <3