Sunday, 18 May 2014

Jump Off

Overdue photos of Miss Alexis!  She had her "Jump Off" day on May 1st, for Jump Rope for Heart.  It's all over now - Jump Off has been, fundraising is over.  All that needs to happen now is the awards assembly at school, where she (we) will meet the QLD Co-ordinator for the program and Lexi will also receive some prizes.  It is all quite exciting, really.  She doesn't actually realise that she is getting prizes.  

Her final total was $4400.00 - pretty damn amazing considering the school sitting in 2nd place for fundraising is on a combined total of $4725.00!!!

Anyway, pictures say a thousand words!  

Clearly thrilled that Mum came along with the camera
A little better, Lex :P
Sack races... the bags didn't quite hold up haha
One must always be on the ready to stop and pose
Realising that she has to actually do this hahaha
Lexi wasn't heavy enough to break her bag, had to do it properly.
Tongue out for extra concentration haha
Quiet activity - colouring in heart murals
Mrs Wilson jumps in to lend a hand.  Lexi takes advantage of that haha
My favourite picture of the day!
Another pit-stop, this time for a healthy snack!
Memphis is a bit peeved she didn't share lol
Getting some air!
She really enjoyed herself

Thanks to everyone who supported our little superstar

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