Sunday, 11 May 2014

Mothers Day 2014

Thanks to this fabulous blog post that has been doing the rounds of facebook and pinterest, we now have a new little tradition for Mothers Day.  After much hinting to Tyron, in the form of tagging and then very specific text messaging (lol) I now have three beautiful journals - one for each child - that will be written in for each Mothers Day.  Pretty spiffy.
This is the first year that Alexis can actually write (and if I must say so, she's pretty bloody good for a 4 year old!), and to have my first ever letter that she has written... chuffed.  The kid is a superstar.
And Zavian copied/traced over dotted letters to help to write his.
Memphis even got a pen and did his very first scribble (I am over due to do a painting with this little guy!)

Written by Alexis - age 4!!

The day was absolutely gorgeous out so we eventaully decided to head to Wyaralong Dam in Bromelton (somewhere we've never been in Queensland - aka number 43 {1/5} on my list!)
It was a really nice place - we grabbed Subway before we headed out there and had a picnic.  My biggest issue was that there really wasn't a lot of shade, but next time we will just be better prepared.  Being that it was Mothers Day it was pretty busy, so maybe on a less busy occasion there might be more.

The day would have been nicer if Ty wasn't in such a foul mood, but that is just the way he is at the moment, so we sucked it up for a while before heading home.  Admittedly Mothers Day didn't end on a high, I felt quite let down if I am honest, but that is really a whinge that isn't worth having.  I did celebrate three beautiful babies who I am very very very lucky to be their Mummy.

With my babies <3

This photo is 6 months in the making <3

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