Monday, 27 January 2014

The Night Before School

Lexi: "Mummy... are you going to cry when I go to school?"
Me: "Yes..."
Lexi: "Could you do it at home?"

This child will break my heart!

Tomorrow is a new chapter.

My "baby" starts school.  Big school.  5 days a week, someone else will be responsible for her.   Someone else will be teaching her and guiding her... and putting up with her.

I'm sad, but I'm happy.

Sad because she is growing up right before my yes, so so fast.  Sad because as a mother it is hard to 'hand her over' to the care of someone else 5 days a week.  Sad because school will bring about change, and even more independence.

Happy though, because 12 months ago I wasn't sure if she'd be ready and she's grown and developed so much in that time.  I am so proud of my little girl.  She is funny, happy, confident, independent.  She is so sure of herself.

We had a meet and greet at her school on Friday afternoon - to meet her teacher (and teacher aid), see her classroom and meet some children in her class.  She walked in, introduced herself and informed her teacher where Memphis came from (thanks for that Lexi).  She sat on the mat happily and quietly, listened for her name and raised her hand when it was (finally) called (last one on the roll - good luck with that, Little Miss Impatient!)  The teachers were talking to the parents, mostly, as they told us what to expect, what to bring, where to find things.  Lexi raised her hand after hearing where the bags go (I will never, ever, get used to calling bag racks "Port Racks", bloody Queenslanders) and declared that her mummy and daddy had not bought her bag with her.  We didn't need to, but she didn't really understand that it wasn't actually a school day.  At least I know she was listening!!

A big day tomorrow for a big girl.
I hope she's ok.  I do know she will be.  But I'll always worry, and always hope.

The night before her first day of school

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