Sunday, 9 March 2014

A Little Bit of Lexi

Six weeks in to her schooling and Alexis is thriving in some ways, but not so much in others.
I can see so many wonderful changes in her.  She has always had quite a defeatist attitude ("I can't!") but she is definitely showing improvement and I can see that she is having more confidence in her ability to do things.

One of the biggest things I have noticed is her speech, her ability to pronounciate words and to articulate different letter sounds.  She is speaking a lot clearer, taking time with different words and letters she was previously stumbling over.  I noticed it really shine through when she was reciting her alphabet - clear and well.

Alexis comes home and does her home work each day - letter sounds, sight words, writing her name and a home reader.  The letter sounds (done with a song) she recites happily and easily with very few muddle ups.  The sight words, they're a pain in the bum.  She doesn't really try all too hard with those.  She has three of them memorised, and today she recognised another two... although, 5 minutes later she doesn't and then 5 more minutes later she does.  We will keep working on them.  The home readers she loves.  She has a good ability to memorise the story books just by looking at the pictures.  Then she makes up stories from it.  She is getting there.

The problem that my sweet girl is having, is that she struggles to pay attention.  She is intelligent, but she is so very easily distracted.  She goes off with the fairies, is pretty much constantly rolling around and losing sight of what she should be doing.  She is also very touchy feely and always putting things in her mouth.
We had a parent teacher interview with her teacher, who is lovely, and she suggested that we might need to look in to having a paediatric review and investigate whether or not she has a sensory issue going on.  She thinks that sure there are some behavioural issues, but that there could be something more.  I do trust her advice, she has 10 years special education up her sleeve.  

It is hard to go in to an interview like that when you've seen improvement, to be told something isn't right.  To be told your child needs additional help.  We will do what needs to be done, and in the mean time I'm grateful she has a teacher on her side who isn't just chalking everything up to being a badly behaved child.  (Don't get me wrong, she is no angel, but sometimes she truly has no idea...)

School aside...
She suddenly seems so grown up.  So much more confident and sure of herself. 

My little ballerina!

Recently she started ballet and she is really enjoying it.  The class is small, but that works well for her.  Lexi is a real performer so ballet is definitely her thing.  She often puts her ballet shoes on an and dances around the house. 

As well as ballet, Alexis has started Auskick.  Something that she is surprisingly enjoying!  Ty takes her once a week and she is learning ball skills and team work.  I don't see a future in footy, but it certainly can't hurt her!  She really enjoys it and asks to go every week.  So it has made an impact.

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