Monday, 17 March 2014

Dreamworld (48)

3 cheeky monkeys visiting Dreamworld
One of my 101 goals is to take the kids to all 3 theme parks.  We've been to others, but I've been slack and not documented very well hahah.  However here is our first family visit to Dreamworld.  We bought 30 Day for $30 passes for the month of March, and that allows us access to Dreamworld and White Waterworld.  We have annual 3-park passes that give us unlimited access to Movieworld, Seaworld and Wet n Wild, and were wondering about perhaps getting Dreamworld ones instead when renewal came up.  Having spent a day here with all three, and a day with just the boys, I can say that whilst we will get our $30 worth - well and truly - I can't see it being suitable for use to purchase an annual pass until the kids are older (or at the very least, taller... the poor lil shorties just aren't big enough for anything age appropriate for them).  

I will also say - Dreamworld gets the award for the WORST ride I've gone on at any theme park.  Their Wiggles Big Red Car ride is just... well it should just be closed down.  It's the most ridiculously poorly timed, slow, boring ride.  Ever.  It completely brings down a) The Wiggles and b) Dreamworld.  I can't believe it's even a ride.  Even Zavian, who is generally entertained by a spot on a wall, found it boring.  We were bumped to the front of the line due to other people having large groups, and let me tell you - if I'd actually have waited more than the 10 minutes I did for that ride, I'd have been really pissed off.  It needs a total overhaul.

Daddy and Zavian on the flying Donkeys.  Under 4 require an adult, so in they squished!
Lots of cool characters to pose with around the park.
Lexi and Memphis stop for a rest
The kids really enjoyed Tiger Island.  Me, not so much.  After attending places like Australia Zoo and Seaworld - where their areas are large and the animals well stimulated, seeing these tigers... they made me sad.  They seemed sad.  The tiger in these pics spent the whole time pacing this tiny enclosure.  In fact all the animals we saw seemed sad.  One of the llamas they had was slightly neurotic and skittish and only one kangaroo was out whilst the others all huddled together in their time out zone.

Lexi poses not realising that the Tiger has wandered up behind her
Minor freak out moment when she catches a glimpse, never seen her move so fast.
This moment was unexpected,  I think they both panicked for a second there!
We weren't sure these guys were even there anymore, but the boys met them on the way out
Highlight of Zavian's whole day - these guys sporadically spurt water from each of them
Sometimes I feel like I live in a zoo....
That moment when King Julian tries to steal your baby
So much love for these guys!
We're never going to get a happy smiley family photo are we?!
Being a Koala (painted by an Aboriginal woman in the Dreamworld Corroborree area...)
Ride time!  Mummy doesn't do spinning things... they enjoyed this ride, one of few they were able to go on.

Will we return to Dreamworld?  Look, I dunno... for the duration of these passes, sure.  We will also go to White Water World.  However I am not really jumping up and down desperate to purchase annual passes for our family.  It's run down and tired... I could see it getting old pretty quickly.

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  1. Those are amazing photos! It sucks the little's aren't tall enough for the bigger, better rides. They'll soon be tall enough though.

    You know, I hate going to our local zoo because the animals (especially the lions elephants) always look so miserable. Makes me sad, too :(

    I love the the koala pictures with the kids, so cute! xx