Saturday, 1 March 2014

Zavian's Super Hero Party

I like to make my life difficult.
A week prior to Zavian's birthday party it was just a simple get together in the park - wear a costume if you'd like!  Then I got on Pinterest and ruined myself.  Some of my plans couldn't be executed due to a ridiculous amount of wind, and well... the photobooth became a very small one utilising a piece of fixed playground fencing because the backdrop stand could not withstand the wind... BUT... it was great.

Zavian had a great time, enjoyed the company of many friends and family member who shared in his day.  He really was spoiled rotten.  Regardless, what can I say that pictures won't?
Mandy works her magic! Check her out:

I made cookies.  Never again!
Lollipops with capes?  Naturally!
AMAZING Super Hero Cake - Check out Chrissy at Bakestar
Chilling at the Photo Booth!
Daddy Lantern and Lexi!
Super Girl!
Candle time!  Guess who forgot a lighter AND a knife!
Happy boy!

Maia and Zavian being adorable!!

Super Baby slept the whole time!
Super Hero parents!?
He ended the party by stealing my Wonder Woman cape and flying off!
Very spoiled little boy! <3  Thanks everyone!

I also made this - it's now on the wall in his bedroom!

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