Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Movieworld (48)

Family time at Movieworld <3

Lets cross another theme park off of the list -that we have taken all 3 children to.  We will have to re-do Seaworld, as we haven't taken the baby there yet!  I didn't think about how some of these goals could/would change with the arrival of our little guy!

We actually quite love Movieworld, the kids get a lot out of it, and it's not too far away.  There's plenty of rides that they can go on to keep them happy, and they enjoy the characters.  Lexi adores Tweety and Marilyn Monroe.  Zavian loves Batman, Scooby and Wonder Woman.

I really wanted to have a photo of the kids under the Movieworld sign... alas, they were mobbed by Asian tourists and instead of a photo I got 2 crying kids and Ty trying to stop a woman from taking the baby from his arms.  Not fun.  I say this as a parent - Asian tourists over here are bloody awful some times.  Some are beautiful and respectful, they ask to take photos.  Others are sneaky, pushy and rude.  This particular trip was hard - it was Chinese New Year and there were many tourists there to celebrate (they had a special parade).  We always attract a lot of attention - our children are pale, blonde, petite and charismatic.  They're cute.  Asians have always loved taking their photos and we've had it happening since Alexis was a baby (Ty's mum handed her over to a beautiful Japanese woman for a cuddle and photo in front of the War Memorial in Melbourne when she was 9 months old!)  I am usually pretty good about it, if people ask I generally say yes IF the kids are ok with it.  Some are so sly though... one man was leaning his camera over the top of the kids not realising Ty was standing right beside him... he pushed the mans camera aside and told him NO and put his hand up to indicate stop.  So the man laughed at him.  I know there is a language barrier but I'm pretty sure NO can be interpreted in any language.  I am the only one allowed to take sneaky pics of my children!

A good day starts with Batman
One of those photos you just have to get!
Zavian's first time on a ride that actually leaves the ground!
Lexi and I at the front of the roller coaster... she commended my bravery as we got off, making me look like a total sook!
Marvin the Martian tried to steal Memphis :P
Pretty lil lady!
Zavian is in that boat!!!!
Wild Wild West
Ty's fave - The Joker!
All together now!
Super Spud!
Another attempt at baby theft!
Missy and Marilyn!
Loving Sylvesters car!
Wonder Woman catches a glimpse of Lexi... they bonded over a bandaid earlier in the day!
Highlight of the day!
I really really really must note!  After a day of being bothered (I'm talking all day) by tourists, Lexi and Zavian were personally approached by Wonder Woman during the parade, given an ice cream each, and came out for a photo with her.  She was SO lovely to them!!!  It really was the highlight of their day and they still talk about how she gave them an ice cream!  Zavian is, in fact, madly in love with her for it hahaha!


  1. Makes me miss Wonderland sooooooooo much! It was the BEST! :( We have shit all down here. Luna Park doesn't count! :P

    Glad you had a good time (Despite Asian tourists) it's something about the blonde hair. Another friend who lives in Indonesia with her hubby and 6 kids gets mauled when they go to the shops/outings (They are all fair skinned/hair)

  2. Those pictures are amazing! And WTG wonder women, that was really nice of her to have a photo etc with the kiddies. Bless 'em. Lexi looks so tiny sitting on that door step, lol.
    Love the photo of batman holding Memphis. How cute!! xx