Thursday, 6 February 2014

Memphis - 12 weeks old

12 weeks old <3

Wednesday 5th February 2014 - Memphis is 12 weeks old now.  His corrected age is 8 weeks old.
He is 4kg (8.8lbs) and 52cm (20.4 inches) long and finally wearing size 0000 (newborn) clothing.  His eyes are still blue and his hair a light browny colour.

My sweet little guy is becoming more alert and aware of his environment.  He's lifting his head up to look around when on our chests, however is not overly interested in tummy time on his play mat - something we need to work on.

The smiles are here in full force, teamed with coo's and the newly discovered laugh.  He thinks Daddy running a  (clean) nappy over his face and making silly noises.  Seeing himself in videos, and blank walls are apparently pretty funny, too.

Playmat time has become interesting, he smiles at and 'talks' to his toys.  He bats and kicks at the hanging toys and tries to grab at toys however isn't too good at that.

Memphis is starting to explore with his mouth - he pulls blankies, his fists, my clothes, his lovey to his mouth.  He is following people with his eyes, and gazes happily at us.

At 12 weeks he is still such a sleepy baby.  He can self settle most of the time, very rarely cries, smiles often.  He will sleep anywhere, any time.  He feeds approximately every 4 hours at the moment.  I am hoping to start stretching him out more overnight, however he's still a bit snuffly and so wakes himself up when his nose gets blocked.  Feeding him back to sleep is the easiest way for me to get sleep.  As it stands he only does that once, sometimes twice, a night anyway.  So I'm not complaining!

12 weeks in I am still feeling good.  I have my moments, usually tiredness being a factor.  I am enjoying Memphis, in a way I didn't enjoy the other two kids.  I do feel guilty about that, however I know that I can't do anything about the way PND controlled my emotions then.  The health nurse made me do the score thingee for depression (yes I'm aware it has a more technical name) and my score has dropped significantly since I was pregnant.  It's still a number I need to get lower, but it's almost halved (it was pretty bad during pregnancy) and I am happy with that progression, considering I've opted against medication and haven't managed to see the psychologist since before having Memphis (yes, need to get on to that).

12 weeks has passed too quickly, though.  I wish time would slow down.

Who else would you wanna hang out with at 11 weeks old?

Flash and Supergirl will do, too!

12 weeks old

Comparison pic!

Memphis and his elephant lovey (find one at: Swadling's Sweet Things... amber bracelet from: Dragonflies Hollow)

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