Thursday, 13 February 2014

Zavian - 13 February

13 February - Puppy love

As you grow older, never forget to love and respect animals, to care for them and to be their voice. One of the most rewarding things of being involved in rescue is that it is teaching you kids to help animals in need. Today I took you with me to collect a puppy for Working Breed Rehab and you came in and told the lady you were going to take the puppy and give her cuddles and that you loved her. When we got her home she was flea ridden and miserable and whilst I got towels and combs and water ready you sat with her and patted her face and told her over and over "It's ok. You'll be ok. I'm here." You were calming, you were sweet, you were what she needed. You helped me to bath her, you passed me flea wash, you wiped her face, you helped me with the water, you talked to her when she cried. You've told her many times today, including in this picture... "It's ok, I've got you."
You melt my heart kid.

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