Tuesday, 4 February 2014

08. Making clothing

Matching Christmas outfits!!!

So the aim this year was to have matching outfits for the kids for Christmas.  Ty hated it, naturally.  So of course I was more determined to ensure they matched and that they were BRIGHT BRIGHT BRIGHT!

The skirt - I've made her three now, I love them and she loves the spinny skirt.  The shorts (that Belinda advised me how to make)... well he has one pair and I do have the best of intentions to make more but I'm not really seeing that come to fruition.  Yeah I'm lazy!  There is a teeny pair of shorts too, for Memphis, however I am not including them in this goal yet because Belinda actually ended up making the majority of them hahah.  Fiddly little buggers.  I will make him some more though - maybe even pj pants - as it's so hard to find pants in his size!

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