Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Family... I has it.

Some things require their own special blog post.  The first non-blurry, non-phone pic has been taken of our little family of 5.  Not bad considering Memphis is 10 weeks old in the photo!  We are so slack.  Here we are though, enjoying 'A Day Out with Thomas' at The Workshops Rail Museum in Ispwich. 
We visited the week before school went back with our fabulous adopted family.  The kids LOVED it.  What an awesome place to take them!  I had always been apprehensive as it's quite pricey and I'm all for things that are either free, or near enough to free!  I honestly was not expecting a lot, but was so pleasantly surprised.  The entire place was so interactive and perfect for kids Lexi and Zavian's age.  Chuck in the extra school holiday fun (a Thomas the Tank Engine exhibit, including The Fat Controller) and you have some pretty excited children.  Zavian in particular lapped up the entire day and had so much fun.  Every little thing was fun, interesting and the place in general was so interactive considering it's a museum.  It's definitely a place we will visit again.

The kids and Thomas!

Zavian LOVED the hands on experience

Sweet dreams were had by Memphis

Lexi enjoyed meeting The Fat Controller

A little story: I really wanted a photo of Lexi with The Fat Controller.  When she was around 2, maybe even 3, she started saying "Fucken tol' ya!"  And I would tell her off, you can't say that!  Stop swearing Lexi.  Please don't say that word.  Time out!  And she still said it, and she was getting so frustrated (joys of a child with speech delays!)  I had no idea what she was trying to tell me!  Then one day, Thomas came on (we don't watch it much) and she got so excited pointing to The Fat Controller yelling out "Fucken told ya!"  Oh the poor kid... she'd been getting time out for me not understanding what she was saying at all!!!!


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