Saturday, 1 February 2014

Zavian - 01 February

01 February 2014 - Movieworld
Today we went to one of your favourite places, Movieworld. We got to hang out with Batman, The Green Lantern, Wonderwoman, Tweety, Bugs, Marvin and lots of other awesome people. You had a great day as you've finally reached a height where you can go on rides! You went on The Wild West ride with Daddy and you finally got to go on the Justice League ride. You were such a brave boy! Another highlight of your day was being picked from the crowd with Lexi by Wonderwoman who then gave you both a magnum ice cream. You were so pleased with yourself!

Every year on the month of their birthday, I take a photo-a-day to document the kids month.  Every day is taken in black and white, and the photo taken on their actual birthday is colour.

Today's photo was taken at Movieworld, in front of the Superman roller coaster.  I am not quite sure what he is cracking up laughing at (probably himself) but he was having a great time.

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