Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Zavian - 11 February

11 February - piggy back rides

You've been a cheeky little monkey today, running around and playing with your toys. You dragged your doona out and the small army of soft-friends you keep on your bed. You thought your doll needed to have a piggy back ride and galloped around the house giggling and yelling out "look at us!" You came running in to the room and asked me "Mummy take our photo!"... but you were too late, I already had ;)

The one you wanted <3
This is the photo that didn't make the cut (I dunno, I just preferred the in-the-moment feel of the other) for your photo-a-day album.  The pic you asked for.

You sat against the wall and had a giggle and you tried so hard to stay still, though it was quite hard as you were bouncing out of your skin.  You love your doll.  He turns up all over the house.  He was lovingly made for you by your Aunty Bonnie from Swadling's Sweet Things - he is your "mini-me", with messy blond hair and a sweet smile <3

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