Monday, 10 February 2014

Zavian - 10 February

10 February - Bushwalking with friends

L-R: Izaac, Zavian, Rhiannon, Madison, Asaiah, Kayla, Simeon, Piper (in pram at back), Tiana, Maia (back) and Memphis (in lge pram).
Today we visited Daisy Hill Koala Park with our friends. We did a short bush walk - that took at least 1/4 of the time it did one year ago when you were all just gone 2 years old. You were so grumpy and emotional! Everything got tears and grumbles and when you weren't doing that you were running around like a crazy person! Mr Energetic, you woke up too early to cope with your excessive energy! You did have fun having a picnic and sharing your food and taking other peoples food. The most excitement came from seeing 3 koalas in the visitors centre... Maybe next year you will be tall enough to see over the barrier!

*Of course, you are grumpy and totally ruining this photo, you little monkey :P

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