Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Whitewater World

The three munchkins waiting to head in!

Another theme park down, with all three in tow!
Themeparks with a young baby can be hard... Especially when having three kids means we are outnumbered.  Majority of rides/activities our children (who are shorties) require a parent... where does that leave the poor baby?!

We visited White Water World, the water park attached to Dreamworld, with very little expectations.
Zavian is notoriously known for his fear of water - any time we've gone swimming (pool/beach/anywhere!) he has clung to me like a koala and pretty much cried.
We went to White Water World with my friend Kylie, and her little girl Taya and I think that his fear of water was overpowered by the desire to impress his little girlfriend ;)
The day was dreary... not too cold, not too hot.  Rain apparently keeps people away from places they will be getting wet anyway?!  Go figure!  I love that it wasn't packed - made it a lot nicer for us!

OMG a family photo!

I've wanted Zavian to find his confidence in water for a long time... it's hard because Lexi LOVES water.  She'd happily spend all day paddling away in the water, whilst he would spend the entire time trying to get as far away as possible.  So I may have been beaming a little over the top when he wandered tentatively into the water and then without a lot of hesitation ventured up to the childrens water slides and ACTUALLY WENT DOWN.
Sure, he stood at the top and refused to go down until someone was firmly planted up against the bottom of the slide - but he still did it.  There was still water on the slide and he still landed and then walked through water.

This one goes in the Proud Mummy bank

Lexi LOVED it.  She's naive, I admit - and will go on anything with Ty and I without really realising what she was getting herself in to.  She now stands at 101cm, and as such was actually allowed to go on a few big slides accompanied by an adult (you know the ones, with big tubes!)  I didn't LOVE taking her on, worried she would let go mid-slide.  There was one ride Ty was so determined to take her on, that I breathed such a huge sigh of relief when I saw she had to be 130cm to go on (hahah so when she is like... 10 haha).  But she did SO well!

Cheeky and adorable - Lexi had a blast

Baby Memphis had his first ever swim, on a rather cool day no less!  He wasn't sure, but I think it was the temperature that put him off.  Half an hour in the water in an over sized rashie, he started to grizzle so I gave him a feed and popped him in to something warm and bam, out like a light.  He slept in his pram for the remaining 3.5 hours!  

Memphis has his first swim

Going with a third person was good.  One parent would stay with the kids at the kiddy pool (Memphis in his pram alongside) and the other two would go and do a ride.  We alternated and all got to do something.  Which was nice!  I am not a huge fan of rides... water... you know... water rides... however I did it! I went on 2 that I admit I did look at when I got to the top and tried to think of any other way possible to get down!!!!

I will say that I am sad we didn't attempt White Water World earlier in our passes - we left it to the last day with the assumption that Zavian would be his usual self and panic and refuse to participate.  Oh well, good to know.  And we do have Wet n Wild passes, so we will definitely utilise those!

Waiting for Lexi to come down the slide!
All tuckered out from half an hour of being held in the water hehehe
"Hmmmm, yes I do think I'll come back here!"
A day in the water = pruney fingers!  Lexi wasn't pleased!
Good way to tire them out, if I do say so myself ;)

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  1. Wow, looks like fun! Well done Zavian for overcoming his fear of water!!! :D xx