Friday, 11 April 2014

Canvas of my own (2)

#2 - Print an image of mine to canvas

I take a lot of photos.
My kids can barely move without me shoving a camera in their face.  Yet, we have (had!) only one canvas in the house.  An image of Ty and I with the older two taken by someone else.
I have never actually printed an image of my own to canvas.

We don't have a lot of room for large canvas, the one we have in the lounge is huge, and well, we couldn't go much bigger!  We also rent so if I have to resort to using 3M hooks (which are shit in the heat I might add), I'd rather just have something lightweight - so small.

Using 123Cheese Photobooks, I ordered my first canvas - a happy, colourful picture of Memphis.  Smiling away in a bucket (he WAS meant to be asleep!)
I printed a 30x40cm canvas and I am really happy with it!  My new aim, by Christmas, is to have another canvas printed, slightly larger, of all three kids.  That is, if they let me get a decent photo (famous last words!!!!)

Smiley boy in his bedroom!

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