Monday, 14 April 2014

Project Memphis - 20 weeks

Project Memphis is definitely well under way!

Here is our 20 week photo, our 5th in the series!  I can't believe he is 20 weeks already!
At the moment we are keeping the photos in a cheap little photo album, but once this project is complete I think I'd like to make a really nice photo book out of it!

This is getting harder to do as he is going through a stage where e.v.e.r.y.t.h.i.n.g goes in to his mouth!  So he tried to eat the photo.  At least 4 times ;)

20 weeks old <3 

Memphis at 20 weeks old

- 4.9kg
- 59cm
- Size: 0000 for seperates 000 for full suits
- worked out how to bounce himself in the bouncer
- giggles
- smiles
- coos
- "chats"
- "calls out"
- ticklish
- chewing hands/fingers a lot
- pulls toys to mouth
- enjoys play mat time
- pushes himself up during tummy time
- loves nappy being off
- has rolled tummy to back 5 times
- rolling from back to tummy all the time
- 3-4 hourly day feeds / sleeps 8/9pmpm - 4/5am
- showing signs of reflux

Feel free to enjoy a couple of adorable out-takes ;)  This isn't as cute and easy as it seems (ok ok... it is as cute hehe)

My beautiful happy boy!
Customary tongue-poking... it's genetic, I'm telling ya!
Scrunch up (and eventually try to eat!)
HAHA!! I moved it!  I'm funnnnnnny!!!

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