Friday, 11 April 2014

Easy scrolls!

I won't lie - I'm a fan of anything easy.
And things that don't require a million hours of kneading, rising, kneading some more...

440g Self Raising Flour
375g of greek or natural yoghurt (I use greek)

Mix it up, give it a bit of a knead to form a dough.  Wa-la.  Simple, easy, ready to use.  Dough you don't have to proove.

I use this for pizza bases and scrolls.  Top/fill as you please.  For scrolls, roll it out and top, roll in to a tube, slice, and pop together fairly close.  Bake at 180C until they are lovely and golden.

Ham, cheese, pineapple on a tomato base
Vegemite and cheese works a treat, too

Cinnamon!  Butter, brown sugar and cinnamon (to taste)
Top with icing (icing sugar, vanilla, smidge of water)

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