Saturday, 12 April 2014

Photo storage (4)

#7 - Organise loose photographs into one place

Nothing makes you clean out a room like having a baby.  My "office" had become the official dumping ground from hell... oh my god... cleaning it stunk of effort.  And whilst pregnant?!  Ugh!  But, we had to.  Lexi moved in to the office and Memphis got her old room (though he still sleeps in our room!)
This mass clean up called for me to do something about the random photos I have laying around.  Packets of prints that have never come out of the packets, school photos, santa photos, theme park photos, this that and the next thing.
Easy fix, I wasn't going for fancy - I was going for efficient.  A long plastic tub on wheels, that rolls under Lexi's bed?  Done.  $12 well spent.  And when it's full (ok so the not-to-distant future) I will get another that stacks on top.  Winning.

And no - this doesn't need a picture haha.

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