Thursday, 10 April 2014

Australia Zoo (51)

51 - Take the kids to a zoo they haven't been to.

Oh my gosh we did this in JANUARY!  I am really rubbish at keeping this updated aren't I!!!  I have a few I really need to get crossed off of the list as they are complete (for instance my Penguin encounter... OVER A YEAR AGO.... ok I'll do that this week - I say now :P)

I love going to the zoo.  Have since a child.  My fondest zoo memories was a camp when I was 10 in New Zealand where our class went to see The Lion King (wow... that movie has been out 27 years!) and then we went to Wellington Zoo where we spent the night in a giant hall!  I still remember the sounds of lions roaring as we were all trying (pretending?) to nod off to sleep.

My three - chillin' with the Irwin's

Australia Zoo is on the Sushine Coast and conveniently located up the road from Ty's Godfathers house.  We headed up to visit rellies and chucked in a visit for our little family of 5.
We loved it!  Alexis and Zavian are at an age where that sort of experience is awesome to them.  They enjoyed seeing crocodiles and alligators, camels, tigers, koalas, kangaroos and a variety of other animals.  Both of them (and us!) enjoyed the hands on experiences with keepers who walked around with a variety of creatures.  Zavian was able to somewhat conquer his fear of scaley things!  He patted a snake, and hesitantly stood beside a baby alligator!
Lexi enjoyed every animal that she was able to touch but was particularly thrilled by being able to hand feed kangaroos and pose for photos with them!
Memphis even got to have a photo laying on a snake!!!

The only thing I was sad about was the fact there were no elephants.  Years ago I went and actually hand fed an elephant - amazing.  The three they had were the oldest in captivity in Australia.  Last year two of the three passed, so they moved the remaining elephant to her private land where she roams her final months/years without being in the public eye.  As much as I wanted to have a picture of Memphis and an elephant, I must say I am glad she is where she is.

Lexi says Hello to a blue tongue lizard
Having a rest on a tortoise
What else do you go for!?
Lexi was so excited to pat a koala!
She was also more excited about this than she looks!
Meeting a baby alligator is serious business!
My fave pic of the day!
The kids get to pat a sake and ask questions about him
Turtle spotting
Tasmanian Devil wearing it's cranky pants!
The baby animal patting zoo was a great hands on experience
My beautiful boy
Bird show in the Crocoseum
And a croc show!  Naturally!
Posing with famous Steve Irwin - Crocodile Hunter
This camel had a thing for Ty's beard (someone has to!)
She also really liked Memphis and gave him a kiss!!!
I adored the Africa section
Giraffes!  My fave!

Croc surfing, anyone?
It was a bit much for the wee-fella!
What an AWESOME job! 
Some sprinklers to cool us down on a cool day!
Kangaroo area was very much enjoyed by these two (the boys were asleep :( boo!)

Customary roo shot!
A quick ride to put a smile on his face!
Don't eat my baby!
Or my toddler!

Posing with Bindi!
My beautiful girl enjoyed her day!
**at some point I will scan in our photo of Memphis with the snake, and a photo of the whole family holding a python!


  1. SO cool! Love the pics, the alligator ones are amazing! Looks like you guys had fun. Lexi looks so petite, bless her xx