Friday, 11 April 2014

Please donate!

As I scrolled through my 101 in 1001 list today I realised I had for number 81 - Donate to an important charity or cause.  Oh my gosh, I thought... can so get that done!  I'd forgotten this goal until today.

In May this will be ticked off with the help of my four year old.  With us helping her to help out The Heart Foundation.  (Because she can't use social media and we will of course be digging deep to help her out).

My generous little preppie
Alexis is the main one behind this - people are generously donating to her for her participation in Jump Rope for Heart.  She's been fundraising since the beginning of March and and has raised almost $2,000.  Today it stands at $305 in cash donations, $1,540 in online donations.

She caught the attention of the folks behind Jump Rope who sent her page to a PR lady with The Heart Foundation who rang and had a chat.  They're pretty impressed by the drive of a 4 year old to raise money.  They sent an email to our local news paper who came to report on a nice community story.  Because a community is getting behind her and helping her out.  (Widely spread community!)  She'll be in next weeks issue!  Very exciting!   A photographer and reporter came out yesterday and whilst she wasn't exactly forthcoming in answering a single questions (let's face it, she is 4!), she was able to tell him that she is doing this for people with "sore hearts and broken hearts".  

I am so proud of her.

Please donate if you can, or share her link to help her to reach (and hopefully bypass) her goal.  What an amazing cause.  The Heart Foundation is a cause close to our heart - our son Memphis was born with a hole in his heart and this has been the driving force behind our family rallying together to help Lexi raise this money.

Please click:  Lexi's Jump Rope donation page

Memphis and Lexi

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  1. Well done Lexi, seriously she's done amazing!! Gonna tweet this post xx