Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Oh look what I remembered!

I was really bad at keeping this up, wasn't I? (Consider that a bit of a fail for number 5 on my list ;) heheh)

My bad!!!!

Life got busy, life got away from me!  I have completed a few little bits and pieces of my list, but I have really let it slip away from me (a multitude of reasons behind that!)  I've been preoccupied by kids, life, ups, downs and oh... you know... I'm having another baby!  Yeah, that wasn't on my list now, was it!!!  I am now 31 weeks, and we are due on December 10th!!!!  This bubba will be our 3rd, and our last - and we have no idea if we are having a girl or a boy.  After losing this little ones twin very early in our pregnancy, the importance of gender does not even rate for us.  I look forward to meeting our new baby, who will hopefully be as beautiful, happy and healthy as his/her siblings.

Our newest addition - this from our 20 week scan!

My other two little monkeys - they are doing fantastic!

My big girl and HER babies.
Miss Alexis is 4, she turned 4 in June and celebrated with friends and a fabulous Peppa Pig cake!

At the beginning of the year, she started attending a school based pre-prep program so we could start preparing her and giving her some school readiness.  10 months ago I honestly was not sure we'd be able to start her in the correct year of school - we considered holding off 12 more months (she is born pretty much on the cut-off for the school year, making her one of - if not the - youngest).  That said - 10 months has improved so much for her, and I do feel the pre-prep program has been extremely beneficial.  This beautiful child of mine can now write her name, she is drawing (funny looking) people, her speech has improved a lot (still struggles, unfortunately), she will count now, and recite her alphabet.

She is artistic and dramatic, I can see her growing up to be more interesting in that area, than her academics!  I am so proud of her, though.   She's definitely still a child full of spunk and attitude, she's feisty and excitable, she is so beautiful.

She is so excited to have a new baby in her life!  I think we will have a right little mother hen on our hands!  That said she starts Prep (full time school!!!) a month and a half after the baby arrives, so she will have to drag herself away from the baby she very affectionately refers to as HER baby Emma ;)  (Oh so help me if we have a boy... dibs on NOT telling her haha).

My cheeky, spunky little man!
My sweet little Zavian is two and a half and is growing in to a very bright and funny little boy.

He loves puzzles and books, and is a really eager learner.  Zavian is stuck with a lot of little girls to play with, who indulge him in playing home corner games, dolls and dress ups.  That said, the little spunk loves motorbikes, Superman and football!  He goes to kindy once a week, and is adapting well (as we have recently changed centres).  He enjoys the stimulation they provide, the messy sandpit time, and being part of a group.

Zavian is such a sweet, affectionate and cheeky little boy.  At the same time he is also very determined and stubborn and can throw a wobbly, like no other!!  He is (as he has always been) a real little mama's boy.  Sometimes he is keen on the idea of a new baby, and other times he seems put out.  I think he'll struggle with the shift in attention, but he will be ok once he gets used to the changes.

I'm not really sure as to what to do with my 101 list now!  Do I amend a few here and there,  so as to make it more compatible with the changes we'll have in our life?  Or do I just keep it as is?  I don't know!  That said I'm happy to keep plodding along - I guess I best think about that!!!  I do have some updates I need to add in, and to cross some of my list off though!  I guess that can be my 'mission' for the next week or two!

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