Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Big Brother Eviction!! (100)

#100 - Go to a Big Brother Eviction night

Here's the thing.  I have a guilty little addiction - Big Brother.  It's terrible television, yet here I am... I love the show, I watch it every night when it's on and I start to pick and choose favourites.  Last year I loved Zoe and Michael.  And guess who I got to see on the eviction night I went to!  And I've actually doubled my mission because I've been to one this year, too!

Ready to see my first live eviction at Dreamworld (Nov '12... oops!!!)

I chose a great night to go (and yes, it's taken me almost 12 months to update this) last year in November!  My friend Caitlyn and I attended the big eviction held on Day 85 - two nights before the grand final (that Ben took out the title of Winner 2012 for!)  It was a pretty awesome night, I'd been watching and loved seeing most of the remaining people in the house.  It sucked seeing two of my favourites evicted on the same night - but at the same time I really enjoyed seeing them right there, live! 

Zoe enters the Big Brother arena!

Michael makes a grand entrance!
It was a pretty good night.  They actually filmed the opening to the grand final show with our audience - it was great!  Lots of crazy and excited people and all of the evicted housemates were there that had been evicted!  Oh and I even found a link on youtube!  If you knew where to look, you'd even be able to see Caitlyn and I ;)

Me and the bestie!!
This year - I went to one of the earlier evictions with my bestie, Laura!

It was quite different to last year - the had closed in the back of the arena, and changed where the housemates made their entrance.  Last year they entered from a side stage (first year for that), but this year they have changed it so they are back to coming down the centre of the arena and able to high 5 and walk through the crowd.

Now... I took photos of the stage, and of Sonia Kruger (who I still can't bring myself to like) and even of the poor bugger who was evicted (Caleb... shoulda been Tully!)... but I can't find where I've saved/uploaded them to!  Woops!  

So I have stalked Laura's facebook and stolen a picture of Caleb.  But yes... slack Genes - I KNOW!  It was one of those evictions where the vote to save scheme means that they completely sucked having 6 nominees to choose from and instead of seeing the most hated housemate leave, it meant that one of those people that the public think is safe, ended up going instead.  Poor Caleb!  Even had a bit of a cry leaving his bromance behind hehe.  Caleb gave us all a giggle by coming out early and before Sonia had announced him, sneaking up behind her and surprising her.  Always good to see how she comes back from that sort of thing :/  haha.

Caleb makes his (far too early) entrance!

It was great to go with Laura though!!!  So glad that we were able to get to an eviction and as the series comes to an end I hope we can go again!  I'd love to snag tix to one of the final shows, as the atmosphere is completely different! At the moment it's just so/so housemates up where I could give or take who ever leaves.  That all said - TIM for the 2013 WIN!

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