Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Zavian and Alexis approach 2013

Well - talk about the ultimate neglect of a blog!  I have been slack, haven't I?
In my defence it has been a busy few months - we've driven to Canberra and back, we've moved house, I started selling jewellery and between my photography and that I had a busy December.  The Christmas and New Year period was also busy as we settled in, had guests and busied ourselves.

Moving was the biggest time-taker, packing, moving and then un-packing and setting up our new home.  5 bedrooms sees us with a room each for the children, a study/spare room and a studio for me.  For the most part we are settled, everything is unpacked.  People were generous, helping us to move and giving us bits and pieces we didn't have.  It was very quiet here, those first few weeks.  Going from living with full house of 10 people, to just the 4 of us.  But it's been great for everyone.  The kids love having their own rooms, I have my own space.  Ty has 100% full reign of the tv when he wants it (except at 5pm - no one can interrupt Peppa Pig!)  We have gone from 3 acres, to a much smaller yard but it's worked out well and we are happier (if not slightly poorer!)

All four of us saw the New Year in, with lovely friends.  I was amazed that my two actually stayed awake past midnight and glad.  I just wish Lexi saw it as an opportunity to sleep in ;)

Lexi - Ready to go out :)
The children are fabulous.

2013 is Lexi's last year before primary school - she started preschool yesterday.  We've kept her in the daycare she was at last year (they're wonderful... and I like the drive, surprisingly).  She loves it there, and she was very excited to go in to the 'kindergarten room', excitedly telling me that she is going to that room because she is a big girl.  We are looking forward to seeing how she develops in this class and how it sets her up for school readiness.  It's bittersweet, my baby is growing up!

Before Christmas, we got rid of nappies all together for her (she was in a night nappy) - a matter of 'forgetful mummy' in that I forgot to buy more nappies.  So we risked it and she stayed dry.  It's been nearly a month, she's had 2 accidents and been completely dry otherwise.  For Lexi, that was the day she was officially a big girl and she's suddenly seemed quite grown up.  And she is growing up so fast, in to a very sensitive, caring, cheeky and fun little girl.  She loves life, and she loves everyone and is just a genuinly bubbly and happy child with so much spunk.  She's just beautiful.

We go in to 2013 with a little madam, she loves to sing, dance, perform.  Her preferred style is tutu's or dresses she can spin, she loves necklaces, crowns and shoes.  Painted nails are the ultimate treat.  Play doh and barbies are big favourites at the moment.  She's such a girly girl, I don't know what to do with her some times!  This summer she's discovered her confidence when it comes to water and she enjoys swimming and water play.  She gets excited when she see's the beach, and would happily spend all day, every day there.

Zavian, almost 2 and full of cheeky grins <3
Then of course there is Zavian!  In February, his 2nd birthday approaches.  I can't believe how close he is to turning 2, I really can't.  It's unbelievable how quickly his first 2 years have gone, and I feel they've gone so much quicker than Lexi's.  Mr Zavian is the ultimate Mama's boy, and yes he makes his Mama's heart melt (also drives me mad at times, too ;) hahah)  He's extremely sensitive.

Zavian is a very switched on child, he observes and listens, he is practical.  He is already very chatty and starting to speak in simple sentences.  He can be very sure of himself and confident in what he wants and needs.  Already he asks me for drinks, and which type (water, milk, juice), he asks for a variety of foods.  He asks to take a shower, or have his nappy changed, or to use the toilet (training will commence soon!)  Walking out side he will tell you that it's "a bit hot!"  He tries to count and he can sing his ABC's and Twinkle Twinkle.  He may also be picking up some Taylor Swift lyrics, like his sister ;)

Definitely a little dude, he's quite the boofy boy.  He jumps off things, climbs.  Is constantly in to things he shouldn't be ;)  He loves cars and trains, dirt and making mess.  He is really in to play doh at the moment, and asks me when he wants to play with it.  He adores, Nemo, Elmo, books and following his big sister around.  Hi best buddy is his Teddy, but he goes to bed with quite the gang of friends, including his dolly.  He's a cheeky boy, with a cheeky grin and happy heart.  He's friendly and affectionate, and just great kid.

This weekend I hope to update my list.  Some goals have been achieved, others are in motion, and I am due a good update of those before I forget!  But I thought a quick update about the babes was in order, so here you have it.

Happy New Year everyone!

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