Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Whale Watching (49)

How over due is this?  Well - I scrubbed this one off on October 16th, 2012 :P  Nearly 3 months in the making, this post!

Number 49 on my 101 in 1001 List was to go Whale Watching.  I've always wanted to go Whale Watching, yet despite living on the coast, or near the coast, for a good 10 years I've never gone!  Scoopon offers up some great deals over Whale Watching season, and we took advantage of a fabulous offer from Tallship Island Adventures.  A day cruise that included whale watching, an island stop off for a BBQ lunch and activities and then a cruise back to the marina.  Last year Ty and I did the Island Adventure (second half) of this trip and it was fantastic.

 We had the kids up early, trying to explain to them what we were doing.  Zavian was excited by the boat, and Lexi was excited by everything.  The day had seemed cool to start with so we entirely over dressed!  But it was too late, and in the end we just stripped the kids right down!  We got lucky with clear, lovely weather which made for a smooth boat ride.

The kids eagerly climbed the stairs and we positioned ourselves up the top in a great viewing area.  The boat was packed, so we were lucky to get where we did.  The kids (and us, too) enjoyed a light morning tea as we cruised across the water and then we got to enjoy seeing whales!  It wasn't the greatest day for whale numbers, right at the end of the season.  But it was still great and we still saw a few.  Zavian found it all overwhelming and fell asleep in Ty's arms.  Lexi enjoyed looking out for whales and pointing them out.  She found an elderly lady and made friends with her.  It was so great to take the kids, they really enjoyed the boat and the experience.  I'd happily take them again!  We had a couple of shy whales who didn't do too much, just avoided us really!  When I was starting to think the day was a total flop, a mama and her baby came along and put on a bit of a show for us, breaching and creating lots of splashes.

Looking out over Gold Coast
Ty and the kids wait to get moving

Lexi and her friend discuss how big the whales were

Little man finds the whole adventure a bit too much!

Lexi finds a hidey spot at everyones feet with prime position for viewing

A shy whale!

These two stayed around to play
A mama and her baby show off for us

 After seeing the whale we went to South Stradbroke Island to McLarens Landing.  The area is set up with a bar, a BBQ buffet, heaps of tables in an island set up (it's a great wedding location).  It was right on the waterfront and seeing as we didn't have any other plans and forgot togs, we didn't do any of the water sports or the 4WD tours.  Instead we stripped the kids down and let them swim.  The water was great, there were lots of little kids to play with and one kindly let Lexi and Zavian play with his bucket and spade.  They had so much fun and Ty and I got to chill and enjoy them.

Little show off!

Zavian cops a Lexi-hug

 On the island, the kids had a great time running around and making friends.  They teamed up with a group of Japanese tourists where they posed, danced and ate chocolate with them.  They thought they were the bees knees.  We sat with them on the cruise back too, and the kids played peeka-boo.  I love the way my kids interact with everyone :)  The ride back they were both tired and sunkissed and by the time we got in just after 4 they were ready for dinner and bed, super early!  But we still had a long ride home, and they slept the entire way!  Such an awesome day, so glad to go and do it and SO glad to scrub this one off the list!  Awesome start to my 101!

Back home, what an awesome day :)

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