Friday, 11 January 2013

A Night of Bowling (73)

#73 - Take Zavian ten pin bowling with Sarah and Craig

When I lived in Canberra, I always went bowling with Sarah and Craig.  When I first took Tyron to Canberra, we went bowling.  They were there when Lexi first went to a bowling alley, because we went when they were visiting us.  I wanted them to be there when Zavian went bowling for the first time, too!

We visited Canberra in October, and stayed with Sarah and Craig - we made a ten pin bowling date and off we went.  Lexi had been before so she was excited, even more so because this time she got to wear bowling shoes as her feet are finally growing!  Zavian couldn't, but he still was quite excited when we got there.  The noise, lights and music - he loved that!

Zavian takes his first turn - his first time Ten Pin Bowling

Lexi has a turn, too.  They only have one bumper as one is broken!

Too fast for me, Craig!

Zavian watches on as Alexis does her celebration dance

Sarah, Lexi and Craig wait their turns

Zavian has a great time!

Big girl in bowling shoes!

Celebrations for a great bowl!

The kids with Sarah and Craig... not sure what Ty's up to!

Sarah and Zavian - he loves her!

The kids had a combined game, they're under "Warey" with a score of 79

Our little family :)
It was a great night, and as usual, great company.  Zavian had so much fun.  He enjoyed helping Ty line up the stand, and pushing the bowling ball down.  Best of all, he enjoyed when people knocked down pins - and he would laugh and cheer and clap and run up to them to give them a big high five!  Such a champ!

#73 - great fun, great times, great people.  I'm happy that this one came around so early!

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