Monday, 12 January 2015

Roti Bread

I'm lazy.  Butter chicken made from a jar.  Heck I even microwave the rice, because I'll be damned if I can make it without burning it on the stove top.  I even microwave the poppadoms!  Did I mention lazy?
However, I am trying to change!  And that started today.  I made sure I started with something simple - so I made roti!  I used my Bellini, but I could easily do it using a wooden spoon or my regular mixer.

I followed this super simple recipe found on the thermomix recipe communty.  I used a frypan, nothing exciting!  It made 20 pieces of roti which I found was way too much for us for one meal (and that was with 2 extra mouths at the table!)  So half the recipe to make 10.  Alternatively, make the 20 and use them as a sandwich wrap the following day.

Image source: Recipe Community

620g plain flour
50g oil, canola or grapeseed (I used sunflower, it's all I had)
600g boiling water
1/2 teaspoon salt

In your thermomix, bellini etc mix for 6 seconds on Speed 7.   By hand, just mix until it brings the ingredients together.  It will have the texture of playdoh, which is normal.  When a bit cooler to touch, turn out and knead in to a ball.  Cut in to 4 pieces.  Then make 5 balls from each piece.  Roll the balls in to a thin circle (this isn't about perfection, it is safe to say maybe 4 of 20 of mine were "circles").  Heat fry pan to the hottest heat on the element (NO OIL), then add each circle (one at a time).  The take a bugger all time, will be ready when they start to bubble, flip and do the other side.  Yum.

Wish I took a picture but I didn't.  OOPS!  I will update with one next time I make them.

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