Saturday, 10 January 2015

Jump Rope for Heart

81. Donate to an important charity or cause (Completed 15/05/14)

Alexis was the driving force behind this but it really was a family effort.  Jump Rope for Heart came to Lexi's school and she decided to aim big.  She wanted to raise $2500.  I was pessimistic, I won't lie.  I told her (and shame on me really) to aim lower.  So we aimed for $500.  And I'll again be honest, and didn't think even that would happen.  But with a lot of effort from the family as a whole and yes, that did include a donation from us (although that was nothing compared to some donations).

Via online donations mostly, and some cash donations - from people who we knew, to strangers, to A PLANE FULL OF PEOPLE, Lexi raised $4420.  

Some big moments included:
- Alexis and Memphis being in the newspaper
- the flight crew on our flight from Melbourne getting behind Lexi and taking up a collection ($200 in coins!)

- Jump Off Day
- Prizegiving and meeting Happy Heart.

This pic from the Albert & Logan News

Lexi's teacher helps her with some skipping
One of the easier activities at Jump Off Day
Go Lex!
Lexi's facepaint for the Tiger Airways crew that helped her out!
Prizegiving at school
Meeting Happy Heart!!!
Happy Heart and her prizes
Memphis having a hole in his heart was the driving force behind the whole thing.

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