Sunday, 8 June 2014

Alexis - 08 June

08 June - little miss poser

Today was SO hard to pick out a photo, as we took a whole heap today! You had a great day for the most part, minus one epic tantrum. We headed up to Mount Tamborine and had a lovely time at the markets, the most enjoyable part for you being a ride on a pony. The last time we went you were terrified (and it was $2 cheaper!) but this time you we confident and excited. You waved at everyone like you were the queen being chauffeured around! We had a great lunch at the St Bernard Hotel, where you met a huge St Bernard dog that you were happy to look at from afar... he was bigger than the pony you rode! The afternoon was spent taking photos and playing at the Botanical Gardens. You are such a poser. It's the reason I picked this photo, you are being so YOU. You are always posing, waving, performing. In fact you are doing your little dance you learned for the can festival here because it was SO much more fun than playing with the leaves like I asked haha. As frustrating as it can be, I do love the way you do your own thing when I want photos!

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