Sunday, 1 June 2014

Alexis - 01 June

01 June - Watermelon, Watermelon... I love, Watermelon

This afternoon we went to the park out at Yarrabilba with Nana and our family to celebrate her birthday. We had a lovely lunch and some great family time.  You ate chippies, kicked the ball around, had a BBQ, walked around with your cousin, set up deck chairs to cheer on the boys, invited random strangers to play, and got yourself covered in watermelon <3 
This picture ties in so well with a rather annoying song you like to sing ALL THE TIME (and have taught your brother!).  "Watermelon, watermelon, I love.. watermelon"... which is fine, except when it's on repeat!

Every year on the month of their birthday, I take a photo-a-day to document the kids month. Every day is taken in black and white, and the photo taken on their actual birthday is colour

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