Saturday, 7 June 2014

Alexis - 07 June

07 June - reading Joycee's book in the big bed

We have interstate visitors this long weekend. AuntyCaterina and Isabella, and Great-Grandma Joycee. Cat & Isabella are in your room so you've decided you are having sleepovers with Joycee on the airbed down in the studio. When I snuck down to see if you were asleep, you were propped up "reading" Joycee's novel that she left on the pillow!! So cheeky and independent going to sleep down in the studio by yourself, but to read a big book too? Slow down, baby girl. Slow down. xx
PS. You were most unimpressed that I took a photo of your hair once your plaits were out. You call it your "crazy hair" and you hate it hahaha.

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