Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Ruffled Camera Strap (11)

Sew or handmake something useful for myself.  This was goal number 11.  Still is goal number 11 as I still have more things to make - not that I've decided what they'll be.
I set this goal because I have this perfectly wonderful, totally underappreciated sewing machine that has sat in a box since we moved here.  8 months!!!!  Yeah, I nagged for that sewing machine, would you believe!?  So with my new and improved 'office' space, I actually have room for my sewing machine to live, sans box, all set up and usable whenever I so happen to get the itch.  Of course I had to remove what could only be described as a pile of crap from the desk to make space, but hey - I did.  And then, I ditched actual work to sew something because I had the itch.

Following this tutorial here I made a camera strap.  Mine has been rubbing/digging in to the back of my neck and with a heavy camera around my neck it was uncomfortable and I wasn't wanting to use the neckstrap (which for the safety of newborn babies - I have to!)  I was going be lazy and buy a new one, but decided that the dollars were probably better spent elsewhere.  So I figured I'd just make one and this tutorial seemed simple enough.  I don't follow patterns well, I need simple and easy instructions.  After this I decided I don't like gathering and I'm not very good at sewing in straight lines.  Anything requiring a visible top stitch?  Best leave that for people with co-ordination I'd say!

My dodgy phone/instagram pic!  
This project cost me about $1 in total and approx 2 hours of my time (I'm slow, sue me!).  I picked up the material at spotlight for $3 for a half metre piece.  I used about a third of it.  I didn't use enough thread to make a note of the cost of that, haha.   I like it (and am proud of myself hahah), although I don't think it's going to entice Ty to carry/wear my camera around his neck as it may turn him in to a giant girl.  It slides on and, if I am game enough I can make a few and then chop and change as I go.  Might have to get some more manly material perhaps.

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